Gourmet Graze


Finally got a chance to try a graze box! I’ve started noticing these gorgeous and visually captivating charcuterie boards pop up earlier this year and have always wanted to try one. If you know me well you’d know I am charcuterie board obsessed! I always try to make mine look stunning, but you need a big space a large orders to pull off a look like this one by Gourmet Graze. They are a new grazing box company in the Lower Mainland, based out of Surrey. Their motto is Food & Friends, with the idea that you get a box to share with friends and family since some of our best times is shared with others while eating. I love this beautiful box, so many colours, it’s almost too pretty to eat! I suggest grabbing a bottle (or two!) and opening with others to share and graze away. You’ll find meat, cheese, bread, crackers, dips, fruits, veggies, chocolates, sweets and more in each box. Everything is completely edible including the little decorative pieces like the pomegranate seeds and rosemary sprigs. Options;

  1. Small 10×10 box – this is the small box and it costs $79 and serves up to 6 people. There was only 2 of us and we had this for dinner and lunch the following day so you could probably enjoy this with up to 10 people if it’s not the main course!
  2. Medium 19×14 box – this one serves up to 14 people and is $199.
  3. Large 26×18 box – a large box that serves up to 24 people for $299, now we’re talking!
  4. 1 Metre Graze Table – holy moses… this sounds and looks amazing, could you imagine having this at your birthday party? Heck yes! This one is $599 and includes travel and set up time to make it look perfect.
  5. Double Tier Table – Yes… they did it, how insane would this be at your event? I feel like this would be perfect for a wedding! Just let your guests graze away. It’s $889 and includes setup and travel time.

They have plenty of customizable options including the option of having a vegan, vegetarian, gluten-free and nut-free box. These boxes are great for events like birthdays for kids and adults, work parties (I wish we a staff Christmas party with a double tier table! YESSSS), Christmas parties, weddings, bridal showers, baby showers, bachelorette parties… the options are endless! This small box arrived perfectly for my Birthday this week so I took full advantage of the occasion and ate it almost entirely to myself… well I shared with my boyfriend too, but this box would have been great as a share box for the festivity. I loved the chocolate covered candies and the meat wrapped bread stick, the mini caprese salads on a toothpick were a nice touch and the spinach dip was delicious!

They deliver across the Lower Mainland for a small fee or you can pickup for free in Surrey. To order, email them directly at GourmetGrazeVan@gmail.com

Find out more here;



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