I have a new and interesting product to share! Ever look at your phone and think about how filthy it is? I do all the time, so went out in search of a product that will clean away all the germs. I found PhoneSoap and reached out to try their product. It’s a UV-C sanitizer which uses light to kill germs and bacteria. This product claims to clean 99.99% of germs and bacteria (wow!). Do you know how dirty your phone is? Google it… apparently it’s much nastier than a public toilet seat! Barf!

You can put your phone, keys, wallet, pretty much anything that will fit in the small box. It even has a small for a cord so you can charge your phone while your at it! It just takes 10 minutes to do it’s job.

I like how they give back as well with their PhoneSoap Cares program. Want 10% off your order? Use code SUBSCRIPTIONBOXGIRL and order here;

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