Sid – Handcrafted Vodka & Vodka Beverage


Looking for a nice cool drink to keep you refreshed this summer? I have newly discovered Sid with their Sid Made Something Else craft vodka beverages and hand crafted vodka. Their vodka beverages are healthier than the alternatives in store that are packed with sugar, whereas these ones are made with the perfect amount of cane sugar and come in a few different exciting flavours. No more being parched, take a swig of one of these and you’ll feel revitalized and refreshed. They comes in 3 flavours; Hard Iced Tea Lemonade – and my favourite, that reminds me of an Arnold Palmer, then the Hard Ruby Mandarin that makes for a good Paloma, and the Hard Root Beer which is delicious of course. They also make a smooth hand crafted vodka that is perfect for a crisp martini or Caesar. This vodka is great for making an infusion, you can even buy a 3.5L infusion jar dispenser which is fun! It has slight vanilla and citrus notes and pairs perfectly in any cocktail or highball, right in time for summer!

Loving this new Canadian company and can’t wait to some of their other lines in the Goodridge and Williams Craft Distillers line! You’ll find all their products in your local liquor or cold beer and wine stores. What to find out more or order this product to your stores? Visit;

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