Looking to add a little frosting to your outfit? A little sparkle here, a bangle there, need a necklace to get that perfect look? RocksBox is a monthly jewelry subscription so you can add that little (or large!) piece of jewelry to every outfit, nothing better than a little bling bling! Their jewelry is trendy, cute and fashionable! Each month you can expect 3 pieces of jewelry, potentially a necklace, bracelet, earrings, and more! It’s a pretty easy way to have an endless supply of jewelry! Just wishlist your favs, fill out the questionnaire, let their stylist pick the best fits for you, buy what you want and send back what you don’t!

All you have to do is fill out a quick questionnaire with your preferences like do you where silver, gold, rose gold, which style of necklace you prefer, I never knew there were so many! From statement pieces, my fav with a little black dress, to delicate, my everyday wear, I love long pendants, but enjoy a good y-necklace and choker on occasion, lastly layered which I could use more of. Next choose your prefered styled of bracelet, from my fav the stacked, statement and delicate, to cuffs, wraps and gemstones. Next choose your earring preference, I like dangly and studs, but they also offer jackets, climbers, stud packs and hoops. Then you get to choose ring styles from statement & delicate, the only kinds I wear, to midi sets and stacked. Realistically no 2 boxes should be the same so it’s a different type of subscription. Lastly, they ask your style trend, mine is natural stones and boho pendants, but I love a druzy and rose gold too. They also have tassels fringe and glam statement as options too. In my first box I got;

  1. Sophie Harper layered charm necklace in gold – love this! How cute with a little black dress!
  2. Sophie Harper pave slider bar bracelet in gold and jet – love the black jewels on this one!
  3. Rudiment twin peaks huggies earrings

This subscription is different where you actually rent the jewelry for $21 a month. So you can try it on and return it once your ready more a little more! Free shipping too which makes it that much easier! Bonus!!!! Use code subscriptionboxgirlxoxo for your first month free! Order here;


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