Sock Panda


Socks Galore! My obsession with high socks is clear, with so many fun styles and such comfort while home, why not? Out with the hole filled sock drawer and in with Sock Panda! Sending you high quality socks each month! They’ve got classy, fun and stylish socks for any occasion including work and play! In this box I got 4 pairs of adult socks, loooving those little mustache ones! Garden veggies, monkey on space, ice cream cones… seriously how do they think up these socks? Either way I absolutely loooove them! We also got a little 2 packs of kids socks, my nephews will love these! Such a cute octopus!

I love how for every order they send a pair of socks to those in need. Choose from 4 options. They have a men’s, women’s, tween and kids bundle! They range from 2 for $15 for the kids pack, $16 for a 2 pack for tweens, or $12 for 1 pair or $19 for 2 pairs for adults. These prices drop the longer subscription you sign up for!

Order here;

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