Crafty Cocktails


Are you a bartender in the making? Want to spruce up your cocktail game? Y’all know I’m cocktail obsessed so naturally I feel in love with Crafty Cocktails. Generally when I’m at home I try to stick to what I know, some basic fancy but easy to make cocktails including a nice Pisco Sour, Margarita, Mojito, Old Fashioned, Caesar, Pimms Cup and a few others. I’ve been splurging on syrups and bitters but never quite sure what to make with them. Luckily Crafty Cocktails has given me a ton new recipes and recipe ideas to try out! Sending you a box full of ingredients, minus the spirit itself. Choose from a ton of past boxes on their online shop or go for a month subscription and get a new surprise box each month with a different theme, new spirit to introduce and a hand full of recipes to try out.

I never have all the ingredients necessary to create the perfect cocktail! But fear not! They will provide the syrups, shrubs, bitters, tinctures and garnishes so you can wow your friends and guests! No more trying to source all the bar ingredients to make new and exciting drinks, now you can get your own box and create magical drinks on your own without having to own a massive collection! Just follow the recipe and whip up a few cocktails sure to impress everyone, perfect if your into mixology or experimenting behind the bar, and a great gift idea, I’m thinking a house warming for sure!

Choose from 3 different sizes of boxes depending if you want 1, 2 or all 3 recipes. I got the larger boxes which included 3 recipes that were all super simple to make, packed with fresh and local Canadian ingredients, a fun garnish and super cute themes. The first box I tried was called Bubbles and was the New Year’s Box which required a bottle of bubbles, brut, champagne or sparking wine. It included everything you need except the ice, spirit and tools which you supply yourself. The 3 drink recipes were super easy to recreate, not to mention they have tutorial videos if your not very good at the techniques, although I’m going to toot my own horn and say that I’m very well versed in the techniques. I was so excited to introduce the new ingredients into my cocktail set that I ended up creating a little bar corner in my place to organize all my syrups, bitters and mixology ingredients. Thanks for the motivation!

You can sign up monthly for $60 for a mo thou subscription, or sign up for a year and it’s only $50 month, plus you can use code SUBSCRIPTIONBOXGIRL for 20% off! Order here;

Decocrated – Spring 2020


Looking for a subscription box that will make your home look and feel more inviting, trendy and comfortable? Decocrated is a quarterly subscription sending you a giant box full of home decor, seasonal decorations, wall accents, and more using different textiles, colours and materials to keep your home looking classic yet modern and fun. What I really love is that their items are transitional and versatile. So what you can use during Christmas, can also be used for other holidays or year round. I also love their insert that gives you great ideas on how to use the item in different ways through inspiration and tips. Each quarter you can expect 5-7 items, including one from each category of a vessel, so something that would hold other items like a tray, baskets or crate. A table item like a decorative piece, candle, or clock, an item that could hang like a print or banner, and a textile items like a pillow cover or place mat. In the Spring box we have some lovely seasonal colours and some great items by this months featured artist.

I’m loving the massive Market Tote, cute colours! The framed photo is lovely and adds a pop of colour in our bathroom. The blue pillow covers offer up a colour change to our winter set. I like the black candle holder, there are so many uses for it! The black board is nice with the magnets, I added the magnets to my kitchen fridge and created a dinner and chore list on the black board. The gold holders are useful too, I used mine as a cocktail corner setup with each votive holding different items like bitters, to tires and syrups.

Only $79.99 a quarter plus free shipping for a box worth over $200 in value!!! Save over $30 a year if you sign up for the full year, because trust me, you’ll want to. Want $10 off your subscription? Use code SUBSCRIPTIONBOXGIRL30 if your signing up for an annual subscription, or SUBSCRIPTIONBOXGIRL10 for a quarterly subscription. This is a great gift for a family member to secretly suggest an upgrade to your homes style, and a perfect time to throw out the old and in with the new, transitional, fun new pieces to spruce up your homes decor! This is also a great gift for the holidays, and the perfect wedding gift. Order here;

Sprezza Box – Esquire Infinity


Sprezza Box is a gentlemen’s subscription box of monthly stylish accessories for that stylish aficionado in your life. Let them do the work for you in finding the perfect look for your next big day, business day or any day! Perfect to turn your man into a stylish dapper fella with the tools to mix and match and create the perfect look. Classy and interchangeable with your past boxes and existing closet make this men’s subscription a winner!  You can expect ties, bow ties, socks, men’s accessories and jewelry, suspenders, watches, sunglasses, wallets, flasks, lapel pins, tie bars, every month is different but goes together so perfectly! All their items are available for purchase online as well. This is the Greenpoint box, it includes;

  1. DOPP kit from Bennekai
  2. Hydrating Face Mask from Wolf Project
  3. Grey Wool Tie by Perry Ellis
  4. Socks by Gordon Rush
  5. Pocket Square by Sprezza NYC

This box is worth more than double and is way more in value which is amazing. Only $28 a month gets you an amazing box just like this one, so well worth it! Or sign up for a year for $25 a month! Perfect gift idea for the man in your life! Love an item you got in your box? How about a past box? You can go to their online store and order any past items! They even have a section for Groomsmen to get prepped for the big day! Use code SUBBOXGIRL for 10% off your first box and your entire store purchase. Order here;

Book of the Month – March 2020


Love seeing the new selection from Book of the Month! What did the judges choose this month? Maybe a mystery, fantasy, sci-fi, a gripping memoir, a dramatic love story, a tale of struggles, I can’t wait to find out! Each month 5 judges including a guest judge skim hundreds of books and select those hidden gem novels you’ve always wanted to read (not just those books on the bestseller list that every single person has read). Judges can include well known book editors, best selling authors and celebrities! On the first of the month the books are posted with a quick review to help you make your selection, then you simply choose one or more hardcovers by the 6th of the month!

Only $14.99 for your first book. Add up to 2 additional books of your choice from the extra books section for only $9.99 each. Skip as often as you like, and free shipping everytime! Want to get your books for even cheaper? Sign up for a yearly subscription and it drops your price down to $12.50 a month plus any extras you add! New member to BOTM? New members can now get their first book for $9.99 when you join using code: BIG5.  Order here;

Book of the Month

Loti Wellness


Looking for a subscription box that will encourage self care, personal growth and wellness? 2020 should be about you and taking care of yourself, so why not start the year off with a subscription that puts you first and on the road to physical and psychological well-being. Whether you are trying to reduce your anxiety, improve your sleep or fulfill your New Years resolution of putting yourself first, the Loti Wellness box is a Canadian subscription is a great choice for yourself or as a gift. Each box will have 5-8 full sized products that promote health and wellness, you might find some lifestyle items, bath body and beauty products, candles, aromatherapy, tea, jewelry, and other items that promote wellness. They are strong supports of small local businesses, plus they only use cruelty free, sustainable and natural products, that’s something to smile about! You’ll also get a therapeutic activity and material to partake in, with their products being chosen by therapists, it’s as if you are getting a specially curated box directly from a therapist, so save your money on a session and let them send you the tools to overcome all your ailments! You’ll also be happy to know that the donate a portion of all their sales towards the Elephant in the Room Campaign which is an anti-stigma campaign that helps to remove the stigma’s from mental illness. As someone who suffers first hand from anxiety, I can appreciate this box and everything they are trying to accomplish in encouraging positive thoughts and wellness.

A subscription costs $54.95 plus $5.99 shipping a month but retails for over $85 so it’s a steal! Plus, use code SBG15 for 15% off! Be sure to check out their blog as well, there is some helpful information for last months box on self care that is worth a read. I like that they say that self care is not being selfish. Luckily I’ve never thought that, I’ve always made time for myself with spa time where I have a relaxing bath with some relaxing bath salts, put on a face mask and just zone out or read. Find out more and order here;

The Simply Beautiful Box


Yessss the Simply Beautiful box again! This is a fav of mine for sure. It’s stunning and jam packed full of goodies. This is the perfect seasonal subscription that will bring you all the latest trends and hottest items on the market. Whether it be accessories, home decor, pantry items, bath and body products, this box has it all! Brought to you from BC Living, they already test and showcase so many amazing items that they decided to just send it in a box and share with everyone! Every quarter you’ll get 6-8 curated products that will leave you smiling for sure with their fine finds and must have items!

This box is valued at $230+ which is amazing as it’s only $88 quarterly… I have no idea how that’s even possible as the face must and brush set are worth over $100 alone! Free shipping too! They also have the Extraordinary Man Box so be sure to jump on that for your man for only $74 and worth over $125, check out my previous post for them to catch a sneak peek at what’s inside. They also have fun special boxes like the Best of Beautiful Box for $79 and worth over $100 with the top 3 items. There is also the Simply Beautiful Awards that is $175 for a $230 box of conscious care goodies. Love that this a Canadian company, their warehouse is in my birth town of New West too! Whaaa?! Order here;

Boot Black Brand


If you know me you’d know I’m all about the cocktails and always practicing my mixology techniques at home, perfecting some of my fav cocktails and trying out new products. Recently I was introduced to Book Black Brand which makes syrups, perfect for cocktails! With the perfect combo of herbs and spice they create some delicious products that you can add to your favorite alcoholic beverage or to a virgin cocktail or soda.

This company makes handcrafted, small batch,  natural syrups in an array of flavors, just add 1 part of syrup with 2 parts of your favorite spirit and 3 parts soda or seltzer and your set! Although I like to jazz it up and add bitters, fruit juices and other goodies to create the perfect concoction. From Old Fashioned’s with a smokey finish to Margarita’s with a kick of ginger, they’ve got a few to choose from to make each cocktail individual and fun! Choose from individual bottles, 3 packs, 4 packs, or cocktail kits which include a bottle, 2 glasses and 2 coasters, all straight from Rhode Island. My absolute favorite is the super smokey Modern Old Fashioned, just take a whiff, it’s unbelievable and is the perfect touch to sprucing up an Old Fashioned. If I wanted to get that smoky essence, I’d have to do it the professional way of lighting a piece of wood on fire and capturing the smoke in the glass… I’m not that fancy! I would never know how to do that! Their products;

  1. Classic Citrus Tonic
  2. Ginger Cardamom Lime
  3. Cranberry Jalapeno Lime
  4. Traditional Old Fashioned
  5. Modern Old Fashioned

The kits are $29.00 and are the perfect house warming gift or hostess gift. Great for date nights out, just bring the box and your set while camping, at the lake or home with friends. Individual bottles are $17.99, 3 packs are $49.99 and 4 packs are $59.99. I would suggest trying out the 4 pack along with the smaller Modern OF syrup which is $14.99. Order here;