High Horse Coffee Co.


Yaaaas! Loving this super fun coffee company High Horse Coffee Co. from Edmonton, aka EdmonChuck in my mind as my family is from there! This is some amazing coffee, I love all the varieties and the labels are hilarious! They have a solid line of complex and delicious coffee to choose from, with dark, medium, light and espresso blends. They are a local small batch roaster offering quality coffee from the finest smallholder farms across the world.

From an organic Colombian medium roast with notes of caramel and cocoa, to a South American dark roast with hints of cinnamon and smoke. An Ethiopian light roast with floral notes to a full bodied espresso or decaf. You’ll love their hilarious names and details on the bags, from Deadmonton, to Forty Below Zero as we all know how cold it gets in Edmonton. They’ve also got some fun merchandise to choose from. They offer free shipping for orders over $65 or free delivery in the Edmonton area! Click here for more info;


Three Ranges Brewing


Cheers to these delicious beers from up north in the small town of Valemount! Got this colourful 6-pack with all theses amazing beers from Three Ranges Brewing! This local BC brewery caught my eye with their hilariously named brewski’s and I loved how every can design was completely different. They’ve got a little something for everyone from a light Kolsch, Pilsner or IPA, to a Red, Brown or Porter. My fav has to be the Blonde Ale and ISA but I’m a big fan of everything I’ve tried so far of theirs!

I loved their start up story, veteran fella from Texas married a Canadian lady and fell in love with Valemount, beer lovers themselves they decided to delve into the industry and have churned out some del ious stuff so far! Excited to see what else they’ve got in store for us! Find out more here;


Love with Food – May 2020 Box


I’m always so excited for the Love with Food box and to see what new treats I’m in store for. New companies, new flavors and trying something out of my regular comfort zone! Snack time folks! Life is sweet when you have Love with Food sending you snack packs every month! They are the perfect choice for those looking to try new and yummy junk-free, organic, all natural snacks and treats. They include all sorts of goodies that are hard to find in store and available for purchase in their online store if you just can’t get enough! They also have boxes available for your office, small taster boxes, and even gluten free boxes!

Order today with free US shipping and a free box for an annual subscription that includes 8+ items. The Deluxe starts at only $16.50 for 16-20 items and a free bonus box for an annual subscription, with free US shipping and $3.99 international shipping. The Gluten Free box starts at only $19.99 for an annual subscription and includes 10-12 items. Bonus, for every box they send out they also donate a meal to someone in need at a food bank, make that 2 free meals for the Deluxe and Gluten Free boxes! Bonus bonus, each item you review after trying in your box gets you points, save up your points and use them in the store for free items! Click below to get 40% off your first box, so only $11.95!

Love with Food

Liqr.ca App


Tired of searching for the newest delicious beers at countless liquor stores and breweries? Check out the one stop shop new delivery app Liqr.ca delivering not only local craft beer, but also wine, champagne, cider, spirits and liquor! Choose from a ton of local or import products that you can either pick up or have delivered for free the next day! This is a new app that just launched in the Lower Mainland and they are killing it will supplying us with the products we want when we want it!

My first time ordering I went for the Andina Apricot Peach Sour as I knew I wasn’t going to make it out to their brewery in time to snag this limited release. I also grabbed a Mango Cider from Somersby that I hadn’t seen in store so just had to snag while I had the chance! Download the app and check em’ out my friends!


Coffee Beanery

Coffee time! Grab your cup and fill’er up with the Coffee Beanery! I’ve got a mouth watering coffee subscription and great gift idea coming your way! I’m in love with these new Ice Cream parlour flavours that they sent over, so many yummy flavors in this box including Rocky Road, Mint Chip, Banana Split and my fav Butter Pecan. They also have tons of crate options to choose from which are great for gift giving. Here are some pre-selected coffee crate options;
  1. Christmas Coffee Crate – 12oz bag of Merry Mocha Mint, Cinnamon Holiday Blend and a travel mug.
  2. Dessert Coffee Crate – 16oz bag of Blueberry Cobbler, Creme Brulee, German Chocolate & Frosted Carrot. Seriously, how amazing does that sound?
  3. Fantastic Flavors Coffee Crate – 16oz bag of Hawaiian Coconut, Cafe Caramel Cream and a travel mug. 
  4. Nuts About Coffee Crate – 16oz bag of Hazelnut, Toasted Almond, Swiss Mocha Almond & Vanilla Nut Cream. 
  5. Fruit Coffee Crate – 16oz bag of Caramel Apple, Blueberry Cobbler, Michigan Cherry & Chocolate Raspberry. 

That’s just the start though. They have over 40 flavours of coffee! Check out their website to find TONS of options. Ranging from $20 to $300! Perfect for gifts for coworkers, friends and family, you can literally get all of your shopping done in one website visit. They have everything from coffee and tea machines and equipment, hot cocoa, tea, decaf and specialty coffee galore! Their beans are hand-selected, roasted & flavored (where necessary!) to bring you fresh and amazing smelling coffee! They use only the best high quality Arabica beans, ground or whole bean, and they even have kcups! Find out more and order here;


Dinacharya Box


Looking for a self care subscription? No better time to focus on taking care of yourself then now! Dinacharya brings this into focus along with spiritual healing and wellness. Each month you can expect a carefully curated box of non toxic items that will supply and encourage you to focus on your inner self care. Each month you’ll find an array of 4+ products from spiritual healing items like sage and candles to gemstones and crystals. To health and body wellness items like creams and body products, calming tea and snacks. In this box we got;

  1. Copper Tongue Scraper – I love mine and use it nightly.
  2. Himalayan Rose Bath Brew – encouraging you to take a nice relaxing bath.
  3. Northern Michigan Wildflower Honey sticks – I’ve been adding them to nightly teas.
  4. Moisturizer – to slow down and take care of your body.
  5. Geode – break it open to find a crystal.
  6. Wildflower seeds – excited to plant these and admire the results!
  7. California White Sage & Abalone shell – to cleanse the home.

This box is only $42 a month for a year subscription and available worldwide. To find out more click here;


Mad Lab Distillery


I’ve been gushing over all the amazing local distilleries we have in Vancouver. Why was I ever crossing the border to get ‘the cheap stuff’ when we have ‘the amazing stuff’ right here? I first saw MadLab at BC Distillers last year and was blown away by the new and exciting stuff they were creating. A locally known small batch distillery that makes hand crafted spirits using local ingredients including their well known single malt whiskey, some basics including vodka and gin, along with some fun stuff like Kombucha Cordial. They’ve also got flavours like Cran-Orange and Blueberry that are super easy to pickup into a light and refreshing summertime cocktail. They’ve also got some killer cocktail series from their S’mores Old Fashioned that easy enough to just pour over ice around a campfire to the Blue Negroni made with their Amaro & Kombucha Cordial. They even have bitters including coffee and orange, which I put orange in the caesar above. Sooo good. They have tons of other kinds too though from Tomato to Pecan Pie! They even have Raki, which I’ve heard is a Turkish anise flavoured booze.

You can find their products in liquor stores throughout BC including Victoria and Whistler, and pouring in tons of restaurants and lounges, making for some perfect cocktails. Also, get free shipping across Canada for orders over $150! Find out more here;


Summerland Heritage Cider Co.


Cider time! Ciders are the perfect summer beverage, and these delicious small batch crafted ciders from Summerland Heritage Cider Co. couldn’t have come at a better time! They use 100% natural fruit juice made from European heritage apples from their own orchard. They are based in Summerland in the Okanagan which is one of my favorite places and fun fact, also where my sister got married! I’m in love with their ciders, the are obviously low carb if your working on your summer body and no sugar added which is good for me!

My fav is Tuesdays Original which is an English style cider. The Station which is fermented and aged for a year, so good! The Flume uses dessert apples and super tasty. They also have a Gose Style, Woodland Hopped, Farm Pressed, Sweet Paradise. Porter Dry and even some Bourbon Barreled Aged ciders that I need to get my hands on but I highly suggest trying out those first 3, your sure to find a new fav!

Use code CIDER15 to save 15% on case orders of 12 or more! They also offer free shipping in the Greater Vancouver, Kelowna and Penticton, or curb-side pickup. You can find their products in stores all over BC as well. Next order of business, I need to get out to their tasting rokm pronto! Looks adorable! Order here;


Nature’s Wellness Box


I’m in love with this new all natural and vegan aromatherapy and lifestyle subscription box bringing you a curated box of 5+ full sized cruelty-free products from health and beauty products, to snacks, jewelry, candles, household items and more! This is a great subscription for those looking to bring new non-toxic, natural brands into their home while ensuring they are considering the impact to the environment. I love that they support local small businesses, that’s one of my favourite things about subscription boxes, they have the opportunity to showcase so many amazing companies, so I’m loving this subscription and the fact that they do just that! In this box;

  1. Niu Body – Rose Toning Mist – Love this! I’ve been putting a few sprays of this on my face after cleansing each morning.
  2. Eucalyptus Essential Oil – Love this scent, def a fav of mine
  3. Lava stone aromatherapy necklace – So perfect to put a drop of essential oil then wear out for the day to get a nice fresh smell everyday!
  4. Serendipity Candle – Love this Eucalyptus & Lemon scent
  5. Dried Wild Blueberries from Patience Fruit & Co – so yummy!
  6. Bridlewood Soaps Lemon Laundry Soap – Lemonpoppy seed, yum! Now you can have your clothes smelling amazing
  7. LOVE card – blank inside so you can pick what it’s for!

So you see they’ve got a range of products from each category which I absolutely love, a little something for each room in the house! This makes for an amazing gift idea for the health and wellness conscious friend or family member. It’s perfect as a birthday gift, house warming gift and baby or bridal shower gift! Looking for a wedding gift? Gift the couple a years subscription! Also, good to know, their essential oils are Health Canada approved and the NPN numbers are listed right on the bottles! With a value of $80+ it’s a steal for only $44.99 a month plus shipping for a subscription. They ship to the US and Canada. Order here;


Six Seasons


Looking for insanely cute tees to show off your personality or celebrating a holiday? I’m loving Six Seasons and their fun collection of everyday tees for ladies everywhere! Love the outdoors? Mama bear and proud of it? Teachers, Disney obsessed, they got it all! They have so many different slogans, sayings and silly tanks and tees to choose from! Being from the south they also have lots of US themed, south inspired and religious tees too. So many different seasonal options too, from hilarious Halloween and Christmas tops to silly and fun St Patrick’s Day and Valentines tees. They even have quarantine related ones that are just perfect!

I went for the Wild & Free because I loved all the bright colours. Although they also have some awesome sweatshirts that I’d likely get next! Such a great gift idea for friends and family for any occasion! Find their full collection here;