Love with Food


I’m always so excited for the Love with Food box and to see what new treats I’m in store for. New companies, new flavors and trying something out of my regular comfort zone! Snack time folks! Life is sweet when you have Love with Food sending you snack packs every month! They are the perfect choice for those looking to try new and yummy junk-free, organic, all natural snacks and treats. They include all sorts of goodies that are hard to find in store and available for purchase in their online store if you just can’t get enough! They also have boxes available for your office, small taster boxes, and even gluten free boxes!

Order today with free US shipping and a free box for an annual subscription and includes 8+ items. The Deluxe starts at only $16.50 for 16-20 items and a free bonus box for an annual subscription, with free US shipping and $3.99 international shipping. The Gluten Free box starts at only $19.99 for an annual subscription and includes 10-12 items. Bonus, for every box they send out they also donate a meal to someone in need at a food bank, make that 2 free meals for the Deluxe and Gluten Free boxes! Bonus bonus, each item you review after trying in your box gets you points, save up your points and use them in the store for free items! SAVE $10 on any 6-month or longer plans AND get a FREE BOX worth $20 with code SASS18 and get your first box for only $5 here;

Love with Food


Vella Box


Candle Obsessed? You’ll love the Vella box. Sending you all natural, artisan candles from a different vendor each month! Just choose from 3 sizes, the Lucerna with a 4oz candle for $10. The Ignis with a 8oz candle for $20. Lastly, and pictured here is the Viverie with one of each for $30. In this box we got candles from Waxxy and Co. they make small batch soy candles in Florida!

  1. Pears & Brandy – mmmm my fav, love the smell of pears! So the top smells like lemon, cinnamon and nutmeg, the middle like baked pear and the base like vanilla and brandy.
  2. Pomegranate & Cider – mmmm I’m a huge warm cider fan! The top smells like apple cider, citrus and cardamom, the middle like pomegranate, rhubarb and nutmeg and the base like red currant, moss and cinnamon.
  3. All Good Lips Chai Lip Balm – mmm once again! Love chai!

Order here!



Finally had the chance to try FUUD! This is a food delivery company which if you know me, you know I love them! Super convenient, quick and easy to get an amazing home cooked meal! Each week their meals will be curated to be new, fresh and exciting. They use farm fresh, local and sustainable ingredients as much as possible. You’ll get to choose from about 9 meals every week, so perfect if you are a vegetarian, omnivore, cooking for you and your hunny, or for a hungry family!

You’ll see a lot of seasonal recipes like warm soups and stews with autumn colours and flavors. Just looking at the coming week there are so many options, with chicken, pork, prawns, beef, salmon, pasta… literally every option! Which is exactly what I want! The recipe ingredients are ready to go with easy to follow recipe cards, and generally their meals take 15-45 mins to mix and cook up for a better than ever meal. With little to no clean up, this is for sure the best way to go when looking for a quick and easy meal. This is the Chicken Saltimbocca with Fried Baby Potatoes. It’s funny because I already make a recipe exactly like this one all the time but with rosemary instead of sage, didn’t realize just how much I love the taste of sage! It was a delicious meal!

Their meals range from $11.95 to $12.95 per serving but saves you the time of grocery shopping, and wasting leftover ingredients. They deliver all over Vancouver and the surrounding areas like the Lower Mainland plus they have recyclable containers that the food is shipped in, just be sure you have some basics like oil, butter, s&p. Another thing I love about them is they let you order from their shop as well! From beer, some extra salmon, sauces, there are toooons and I mean tons of options to add on to make it the perfect meal. Want $25 off your first order? Order here;

Alpha Outpost – Hearne Box


Hunting, shooting, fishing, camping, love it all and the great outdoors? Why not take it to the next level when out in the wilderness. Alpha Outpost is perfect for the outdoors man, guys that love tactical gear and adventures. You can’t go wrong here, they never cease to amaze me, it’s truly the ultimate gift for the man in your life. Each month they take it to a new level of fun with gear that will prep you for whatever life has to offer. With past boxes like the Survivor Box, the Gentlemen’s Box, the V.E.G.A., the Medic Box and the Hostage Survivor Box, they just keep getting better and better and with the intense tools  and training on how to use them. This is the Hearne box and great for the hunter;

  1. Hammer-ax tool – this tool has so many uses! Hatchet, mini knife, cutting knife, allen key, can opener, cross screwdriver, fish fork, saw, file, flat screwdriver, serrated knife, hammer, cutting tool, locking plier and flat nose plier.
  2. Big Trap
  3. Little Trap
  4. Arrow Heads – 5 different ones to use for so many different purposes, fun to create your own tool. We have the Clovis, medieval, Kirk, frog gig, and Sahara.

Get your Alpha Outpost box today starting at $34.95 a month plus $6.95 shipping. Get your first box for only $5 as well! Whaaaa?! Just pick one of their past boxes! Like the Orion that was full of all the knives to finish your hunt. Or the Predator box… too many to choose from! Plus you get member pricing on past boxes and a chance to win a rifle. Across seas in the military? They got you covered too. Their blog is also killer. They have training for almost all situations you might encounter. How to make a bear bag rig, how to preserve meat, tips for deer tracking, how to treat different conditions in the wild and more! Order here;

Candy Experience – October Anniversary


Candy obsessed? Got those sugar cravings? How bout a sweet tooth? Candy Experience will bring you a boat load of sugary sweets each month to satisfy everyone! You can expect 6-7 different types and flavours of sweets and sours with the Original box and 4-5 in the Personal box. Perhaps some warheads, gummy worms, hot tamales, chocolate rocks and the list goes on and on and on! I have a major sweet tooth, missing the days we had 1 cent candies, but still happy running to the store for the 5-10 cent ones! But this box? These are the harder to find sugary sweets, not those bulk ones in your local candy store! In this box which was the October Anniversary box and a massive one we got;

  1. Chocolate covered pretzels – my fav for surrrrrre, ate them immediately
  2. Chocolate covered caramels – okay wait I have another favorite
  3. Sour red pretzels – mmmm not too sour but they will make you salivate
  4. Sour blue raspberry gummy bears – mmmm perfect sourness!
  5. Tropical flavored pumpkin gummies – mmm they taste peachy!
  6. Gummy worms – I love these, well the red and green ones! I’m picky!
  7. Sour grapefruit balls – oooo these are sour for sure! Pucker up!

Got a craving you need filled? This Canadian subscription is only $29.95 for the Original box, and $21.95 for the Personal box each month plus $9.95 for shipping. Order here;

Banana Leaf – Vancouver


What’s your favorite type of food? My all time top favorites are Malaysian, Thai and Japanese. I find it nearly impossible to find great tasting authentic Malaysian food in Vancouver, let alone the Lower Mainland. There is one that is aaaamazing, drool worthy and finger licking good, and that’s the Banana Leaf. With 5 locations in Vancouver and a massive menu of all your favorites, you can’t go wrong!

I’m loving the renovations they finished just in time for the holidays, super colourful and a little more modern but keeping the Asian look and feel. The food is just as good as ever too! Loved their cocktail menu, tried the Red Lotus Lychee cocktail that was slushy and even had a raw lychee on top! We started off with the Kerabu salad that they split for us, so refreshing and jam packed with flavours. Then for some appies, we had my 2 favorites, Roti Canai and Chicken Satay. The sauce they use with the roti is out of this world, it’s so amazing, you need extra for sure! Gimme a tub of it!

For dinner with tried some new items. The seafood Gulai was a delight. Full of scallops, prawns, mussels, clams and more! The sauce was perfect, a concoction of tumeric, tamarind, galangal, lemongrass, ginger and my fav, coconut milk. Mmmm perfect over some coconut rice! We also tried the pineapple fried rice that came in a fresh pineapple which was fun and exciting! Another suggestion that is my fav there but we didn’t have this night is their Mee Goreng, one of my favourite noodle dishes from my trip to Malaysia years ago. Mmm so good. Lastly for dessert we tried the deep friend bananas, mmm a typical dessert that never gets old.

My suggestion would be, make a reso and order the chefs choice 11 course meal. Ya you can get the other smaller course meals but why not just go for the 11 course? Try everything! You won’t be disappointed with their authentic flavours!

They have 5 locations across Vancouver, from Broadway, Kits, Robson, Denman, and Davie. My fav is the newly renovated Broadway location at 820 W Broadway. Find out more here;

My Texas Market


Want to bring Texas home with you but can’t fit it in your carry-on? Love My Texas Market with their Texas themed subscription box so you can vacation to the South while staying all cozy at home! You can expect to find artisan, locally made products for the true Texan! I love companies that support their locals, and this one is doing just that. Curating for you a special box with all the best from every corner of Texas. So let them do the running around to the farmers markets and local businesses and you just relax and enjoy the special finds of the month. Perhaps some sweet treats, salty snacks, bath and beauty products, home decor and more! This is the Autumn Vibes box, which I absolutely loved. In this box;

  1. Caramel & Vanilla Popcorn by Deanan Gourmet Popcorn – Mmm so good! I had the caramel and the bf had the vanilla, loved them both, perfect sized bags too!
  2. Sacred Sandalwood Natural Soy Candle by Simply Chic by Nikki – Love the smell of this candle, it’s fresh and a little musky.
  3. Farmers Market Room & Linen Spray by Pearl Rose Candle Co. – sprayed the living room with this since we have pets and it left a lovely lingering clementine and clove scent!
  4. Sugar Coffee Scrub by Aspire Beaute – A decent sized jar of this yummy coffee smelling scrub!
  5. Pumpkin Spice Tea by Story of my Tea – Perfect for the fall and made with ingredients from 7 different countries – wow!
  6. Heavenly Chocolate Sauce by Brenham Kitchens – Made with real butter and cream, super yummy on some ice cream or great for dipping fresh fruit!

You can get this box in their online shop for only $29.99, but worth so much more! You can also shop their online store for past boxes and items you loved, so go ahead and order more or just create your own box! Sign up for a year to get your boxes for only $31.25 a month! Order here;