The Play Box


Okay kids time for bed! Adults! Looking for a sexy adult subscription? How about the Play Box, filled with an item for every one of your five senses. Each month they’ll send you a box full of tantalizing goodies to provoke each sense, smell, sound, taste, touch and sight! Yes please! Let their sexual educators pick and choose your items that are for sure to bring you and your lover closer together with experimentation, excitement and fun. If you love to get kinky and try new things to spice it up and keep the fire alive then you’ll love this box! Although Valentine’s is over, you should never give up trying to raise the libido and heighten those senses for some one on one fun. In this box;

  1. Shunga Love Bath – ‘Your bath water will transform into thousands of delicate pearls. A subtle perfume will fill the room as you step into this oasis with your lover.’ Haha wow, yes please! This sounds exciting!
  2. Kama Sutra Honey Dust – perfect for taste
  3. Luna Atlas vibrator – because hey, it does the trick!
  4. Charged cock ring – so he can partake
  5. Lucky sex dice – haha awesome
  6. Shunga Body Paint – oh fun!
  7. Sliquid lube

Starting at under $120 a box for a 6 month rose gold subscription, then a 3 month for gold and month to month for silver. Choose your first box then let them guide you thereafter on a sexual roadmap. Each subscription comes with a percentage off in store as well. Rose gold will get you 20% off everything in store and trust me you want that! They have 125 pages of goodies to choose from… holy. I think I might have to browse thru!

Order here;


Gomae Meal Prep

Yessss, I am seriously loving all the amazing local companies opening up in Vancouver providing quick and easy meals to everyone trying to eat healthy without having to deal with the dreaded Sunday meal prep. Fear no more Vancouverites, Gomae (pronounced ‘go-may’ like gourmet on the go! Love it!) is here and bringing you locally made, guilt-free, plant based meals that not only taste delicious but look amazing! Let them do the work of picking a delicious tasting meal, grocery shopping, cooking and simply enjoy! Their meals come in zero waste containers to ensure they are reducing their impact on the environment and they use reusable ice packs, containers and adorable cute tote sealable bags. They are truly doing quite a few things for the environment which I’m happy about and one of the reasons I reached out to them when I saw Erin Ireland showing them some love one day. I love that their meals are such healthy, but still taste amazing, plus they are locally made for Vancouver food experts! Now for the food!
  1. Bombay Wrap – okay seriously… I would say this is one of the best wraps, and the dip? Seriously drool worthy… I can’t believe how delicious this was! Recipe please! I would make this for myself if it’s easy to do!
  2. Nutty Thai Soup – such a yummy hearty soup, that’s something I noticed is that all the meals filled me up so much I didn’t have any cravings for sweets after lunch like I usually do.
  3. Genki Bento Box – such amazing presentation, it was pretty to look at and yummy to eat! Quinoa, kimchi… yes please! 
  4. Jackfruit Taco Bowl – mmm my second favourite for sure, it was jam packed and every bite was amazing. Seriously such a hearty salad, the jackfruit tasted amazing too.

Just go online, choose your meals and Monday they’ll be delivered! Don’t worry about all that grocery shopping and meal prep, eating the same thing every day for lunch. Yawn, so boring. No more leftovers for lunch for days, instead you’ll get new and exciting recipes every week. Check out the upcoming menu to be tempted! Looks like they have a macro bowl, a chunky smoked tofu salad, spinach veggie wrap, hearty veg bowl, black bean bowl, falafel salad, cauliflower kasum salad, African stew and rice bowl, and a sweet potato soul pie.

Only $43.99 for 4 meals a week with a delivery fee of $5. They’ll deliver on Monday and give you a 30min window of when they’ll deliver too. Use code subscriptionboxgirl for $20 off your first order too! Order here!

Night in Box


Looking for your next great date night? “What do you wanna do” “whatever you wanna do” sound familiar? Introducing the Date Night In Box. Made to bring couples closer together with fun and exciting activities and conversations starters to build on your existing relationship. We could all use a little encouraging to try new things, experiment, and speak up about what we want. Let them do the thinking of how to spice up your love life, or help build up your relationship. Each month they’ll send you a box with a date idea, something creative, fun and unique that includes everything you need to have that much needed one on one time with your babe.

This months theme is Foundation of Love where you are actually building a foundation, which is the most important part of a relationship. They give you the tools to send out a date invitation, and even set the mood with a playlist and themed dinner menu, so you got the music, the ambiance, some snacks, all you gotta do is invite your date and make dinner. They include access to the custom playlists, and even a printable grocery list. Try making dinner together or having a cook off like each making a different pasta sauce. This box has 3 fun ways to build a foundation, whichever couple builds the highest foundation can win a $500 Home Depot gift card.

There are a few options to choose from for your plan, including enhancements like the Mystery Date or include a faith based discussing guide. The Night in Box also allows you to choose from Date night in box or Kids night in box, perfect for families!

Only $41.99 with free shipping, which beats the cost a fancy date on the town where it’s all the same all the time. I love games and themes so this is right up my alley! Check out the Valentine’s special they have on right now and enjoy that much needed time with your hunny bun! Order here;

AA Designs Jewelry


Introducing AA Designs Jewelry. I first found out about them while looking for aromatherapy jewelry as I’ve been kinda obsessed lately. After looking through a few companies I found AA Design and absolutely loved their gorgeous jewelry. They have necklaces, bracelets and earrings and are a perfect Valentine’s gift! They have some stunning necklaces, you’ll see lots of druzy pendant necklaces, and ever some lava bead necklaces. For those who don’t know as I didn’t, druzy is a ‘glittering effect of tiny crystals over top a colorful mineral’. They have lots of gorgeous stud earrings, claw style, regular circles and tassels. Choose from rose gold, gold and silver earrings and then which druzy. My fav, their bracelets! Okay they even have some options for men! Perfect-o! Choose from aromatherapy bracelets for your fella, just choose a stone, like labradorite, lapis lazuli, wood (my fav), onyx and obsidian.

My fav on the site was the Howlite, and the extra beads of colour just make for the perfect look. So I jumped for the rose gold howlite braclet. It has the perfect amount of sparkle with a few stunning jewels on the bracelet. Howlite is the stone of awareness with calming properties and helps release old emotional attachments, it helps with sleep and calms an overactive mind. It’s amazing how many healing properties stones have. They have tons of other bracelet options, some for kids, chakra one’s, birthstones, some large pendant ones to make a real statement and even some bangles, which I jumped for, the perfect look with a watch! I would say the hardest part is picking a stone. They literally have them all, from amethyst, pink zebra jasper, turquoise and amazonite.

Their products are priced extremely well for the quality you get, especially for the aromatherapy bracelets, these are usually so expensive since they are in style right now. Plus they work sooo well! Just add a few drops of your favorite essential oil on the lava beads, let it dry then smell the relaxing essential oils for days to come! Check out their locations and events coming up for this Ontario company. Love our Canadian locals! Order here;


Monthly Pen Club


It’s funny how in the past I never really cared about pens. But I’ve learned to appreciate them over the past few years, I mean, it’s something we use all the time! Why cheap out when you could get a quality pen, even better? How about a new fancy quality pen every month? The Monthly Pen Club is a fun new subscription when you’ll get exclusive fancy pens every month. Just choose from fountain, no fountain so balls and rollers only or 50/50. You’ll get a genuine original pen along with some other goodies each month! They are based in Belgium but ship worldwide and they even chose 1 person each month to receive an exclusive Visconti or Montblanc pen! Fancy! In this box;

  1. Lamy Safari pink pen with a medium bib and 1 large ink cartridge – put the cartridge in and tested it out and it’s super smooth and sturdy.
  2. Manuscript creative cartridges – so many different colours to choose from!
  3. The Black Notebook – a nice sturdy pocket notebook
  4. Chokotoff by Côte d’Or – yup ate these right after I took the photo!

They are under $35 a month with a year subscription and get 10% off your entire order with code 10SUBBOXGIRL. Order here;

Luxury Diva


Do you love to accessorize? Always looking for an item to make your outfit? A watch, hat, colourful tights, danly earrings. There are so many ways to spruce up your look to get it just perfect, that’s where Luxury Diva comes in to make life a little easier. Sending you a box jam packed of accessories and dress up your day to day look! Each month you can expect a box with items like clothing, scarves, ponchos, hats, socks, hosiery, belts, shoes, accessories and more! Each box is hand-curated with 5+ items and valued at over $100, like this one is over $130 worth of goodies! In this box;

  1. Black and white cotton slouch socks
  2. Pink lace bralette with front detail
  3. Cable braid hat and scarf
  4. Rhinestone pearl knit fingerless arm warmers and gloves
  5. Black crushed velvet velour leggings
  6. Crystal bar drop earrings
  7. Laura geller pink sunset shadow palette

Only $30 a month, or sign up for a subscription to save $5 a month! Shipping is free within the US, but they also ship to Canada and Europe! They also support a ton of different charities and organizations like Red Cross, Cancer Research, Toys for Tots and more! Order here;


Book of the Month – February 2019


Love seeing the new selection from Book of the Month! What did the judges choose this month? Maybe a mystery, fantasy, sci-fi, a gripping memoir, a dramatic love story, a tale of struggles, I can’t wait to find out! Each month 5 judges including a guest judge skim hundreds of books and select those hidden gem novels you’ve always wanted to read (not just those books on the bestseller list that every single person has read). Judges can include well known book editors, best selling authors and celebrities! On the first of the month the books are posted with a quick review to help you make your selection, then you simply choose one or more hardcovers by the 6th of the month! Here are the February selections to choose from;

  1. The Winter Sister by Megan Collins – BOTM says ‘Sixteen years after the unsolved murder of her sister, a woman revisits the events of that deadly night’.
  2. Early Riser by Jasper Fforde – BOTM says ‘An alternate world where humans hibernate, dreams go viral, and winter is not just cold, but deadly’.
  3. The Age of Light by Whitney Scharer – BOTM says ‘Love, lust, and jealousy collide in this racy bohemian art world of 1930s Paris’.
  4. On the Come Up by Angie Thomas – BOTM says ‘A teen rapper will do whatever it takes to make it big in the latest from the author of The Hate U Give’.
  5. A Women is No Man by Etaf Rum – BOTM says ‘Three generations of women weigh family duty and desire in a conservative Palestinian community in Brooklyn’.

Only $14.99 for your first book. Add up to 2 additional books of your choice from the extra books section for only $9.99 each. Skip as often as you like, and free shipping everytime! Want to get your books for even cheaper? Sign up for a yearly subscription and it drops your price down to $12.50 a month plus any extras you add! New member to BOTM? Use code LOVEISLOVE for a free book when you join! Order here to get reading;

Book of the Month