Monthly Pen Club


It’s funny how in the past I never really cared about pens. But I’ve learned to appreciate them over the past few years, I mean, it’s something we use all the time! Why cheap out when you could get a quality pen, even better? How about a new fancy quality pen every month? The Monthly Pen Club is a fun new subscription when you’ll get exclusive fancy pens every month. Just choose from fountain, no fountain so balls and rollers only or 50/50. You’ll get a genuine original pen along with some other goodies each month! They are based in Belgium but ship worldwide and they even chose 1 person each month to receive an exclusive Visconti or Montblanc pen! Fancy! In this box;

  1. Lamy Safari pink pen with a medium bib and 1 large ink cartridge – put the cartridge in and tested it out and it’s super smooth and sturdy.
  2. Manuscript creative cartridges – so many different colours to choose from!
  3. The Black Notebook – a nice sturdy pocket notebook
  4. Chokotoff by Côte d’Or – yup ate these right after I took the photo!

They are under $35 a month with a year subscription and get 10% off your entire order with code 10SUBBOXGIRL. Order here;

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