Fermented Reality B Cups


Y’all know my love for craft beer is real, but who has the space for all the different kinds of glassware! Luckily I stumbled around B-Cups, these are super convenient plastic cups to use at home, on a hike, at the beach, picnic or anywhere! No more worrying about lugging along the proper glassware to get the picture perfect beer when your a Beerstagramer or feeling like you need to skip the glass altogether to prevent breaking glass while out and about enjoying a beer. This company, Fermented Reality, brings these fun plastic cups in 4 different sizes so you can enjoy your beer without compromising the quality. Their cups are a replacement for those sad ol’ red solo cups, made from BPA-free plastic, they are reusable, lightweight, dishwasher safe, eco-friendly and shatterproof! They have 4 different sizes;

  1. IPA – This one has a tapered mouth to get all the bold aroma’s from the hops. These ones are the top sellers and made to enhance the bold aroma’s of any hoppy beer like your IPA or Pale Ale.
  2. Lager – This one has a straight edge with room for head and is comparable to a Kolsch glass, great for Lagers!
  3. Stout – Great to get that full body with a wide bowl shape, great for malty beers!
  4. Funk – With a wide mouth and lip to catch the head, this one is great for sours, farmhouse beers, saisons and any Belgian or funky beer.

They have individual 4 packs of each cup for $11.99 each, limited edition hip hop cup for $19.99, or get them all in a variety pack with 2 of each for a total of 8 for $39.99 or 4 of each for a total of 16 for $69.99. Order here;

Hip Hop Collection

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