Okay I have to say this is my favorite cat box. I can’t begin to explain how hilarious our cat Callie has been since we got our first box. She must have smelt the cat nip in the box because now she naps in the box all the time! It’s the only subscription box that I’ve had to keep of the thousands I’ve received over the past 3 years! Kinda hilarious as she hardly fits in the box anyways, but she makes it work. Are you new to this box? Well if you have a cat, trust me, they’ll love it. They will get cat nip galore and be begging for more! This is the perfect subscription for our feline friends. Each month you’ll get a box full of high quality, all natural treats and toys, most with 100% North American catnip because why not? Let your kitty kats live a little!

I love how they donate a portion of the proceeds to animal welfare causes, I feel like that is an important factor in pet boxes. Only $19.99 a month with free shipping for the Happy Cat Box or $29.99 if you have multiple cats! Use code SBG15 for 15% off your first box! Order here;

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