SoBakeable – Piña Colada Pavlova’s



This box smells amaaaaazing! I cannot wait to make these piña colada pavlovas! But first I must figure out what a pavlova is! Ha! I’m loving the SoBakeable box. Sometimes I look at Pinterest for hours only to realize I have none of the ingredients… so annoying. Or I look in my pantry and search for ideas, but your always missing that one ingredient! Which is why this box is perfect for me. The best part? They are already pre-measured so cuts the cleaning time in half, even comes with the decorations too. Bonus! This box comes with everything you need, except the milk, butter & eggs of course, which I always have on hand. Plus they might through in a specialized tool once in awhile! Very tasty ingredients thou, coconut custard mix, meringue mix (never made a meringue before!), mango sauce… Ermergerrrrd, I said it above but I’m saying it again, this box smells sooooo delightful! Drooling on my keyboard. Loving the cute additions to make this picture perfect, the dried pineapple rings are so pretty, loving the little cocktail umbrellas too! It’s like a sweet trip to paradise, all topped with a yummy mango drizzle. This box even comes with a lei, how fitting! You can choose a box from their shop or sign up for a subscription for a monthly surprise! Loving their past boxes too, those s’mores cupcakes, salted caramel brownies, chocolate tarts, all pinterest worthy for sure.

Starting at $37 with free shipping you can create your own masterpiece each month to impress your friends and family. Get another $5 off with coupon code; SUBBOXGIRL. Be sure to check out their app and tutorials too, their blog has tips for baking and cooking, like how to make the perfect meringue! Life is sweet, so eat some cake! Order here;


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