Cat nip galooooore! Callie was soooo excited for this box! Finally a subscription for our baby feline friends! The KitNip Box is a catnip filled goodie box for our precious kittens. Each month you’ll get a box full of high quality, all natural treats and toys, most with 100% North American catnip because why not? Let your kitty kats live a little! In this Wild West themed box we have;

  1. PureBites freeze dried turkey treats – Callie loooves these and has been doing deep and loud meows for them daily. She’s already a big fan of this brand so we knew she’d love them.
  2. Cactus wand – Callie love to chase things and we already have a few wands, but shes loving this cactus!
  3. All for Paws reward bag and wanted poster – some catnip filled toys
  4. Paws’n’Purrs lucky horse shoe – this one she was especially fond of for them reason, maybe more catnip in this one?
  5. Best Pet field mouse – a rough material with a little bell to keep your cat entertained

I love how they donate a portion of the proceeds to animal welfare causes, I feel like that is an important factor in pet boxes. Only $19.99 a month with free shipping, and $29.99 if you have multiple cats. Use code SBG15 for 15% off your first box! Order here;

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