Tidee Box


Need a little encouragement to get started on your Spring Cleaning this year? The arrival of the Tidee box came right in time and actually got me motivated when I was so overdue. I finally went around every corner of my place and reorganized to make things easy to find and get to. The Tidee box encourages you to tidy up and declutter your life by supplying you with items that help you categorize and put away your items. Decluttering helps your physical and emotional health, as you can feel that heavy weight of a cluttered and disorganized home. What’s in this box;

  1. Branch Jewelry Stand – love the style of this stand and super helpful for my overly cluttered front entry.
  2. Lazy Susan – a small organizer to easily access those shelf or pantry items, great to be sure those missed items in the back don’t expire before you even notice them!
  3. Plastic Basket – Great for your closet to keep everything organized
  4. Tower ladle kid stand – keep it clean and organized on the kitchen counter
  5. Flow Self Draining Soap Tray – keep it gunk free with an easy clean soap holder
  6. InterDesign Clarity S-Hook – perfect to provide space in the closet, great for all my scarves, belts and purses
  7. 3M Command Poster Strips – hang your pictures with ease while preventing holes, cracked plaster and sticky residue

They have a few different box options. There is the Starter kit with 4 of the 7 items for $24.99. They have the Build you own where you choose 6 of the 7 items for $49.99. Sign up and you also get a room by room organizational checklist with over 200+ ideas to help you declutter and stay sane! US only! Order here;


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