Send Me A Surprise – Summer Box



Send me a surprise is a monthly subscription for kids aged 3-6 that promotes creativity, exploration and childhood fun! Although my little guy is only 2 1/2 he was thrilled about this box, asking me to open each item to play with immediately. This month is the welcome back Summer box, with tools for outdoor exploration, perfect for little Westy who loves the outdoors! They are just starting out with the kids boxes but are looking at expanding to all ages. I don’t know about you, but I clearly love surprises, so I’m excited about the adult children boxes to come! In this box;

  1. Kidnoculars – Westy absolutely loved these, he was laughing non-stop about how they worked as he’s never tried binoculars before.
  2. Sidewalk chalk – what child doesn’t like chalk! I miss the good old days spending the summer days in the front yard chalking up the neighbourhood by our lemonade stand, ahhh nostalgia.
  3. Base jumper – This little parachute man a cool and works well.
  4. Land adventure tool – This is great for Westy since he loves hiking and exploring, always picking up rocks and putting them in his pocket, this little tool has a microscope, pen, tweezers, ruler, great tool for explorers!
  5. Microscope with toy bug – Westy thought this was real at first – hee hee.
  6. Create your own bookmark – this was cute!
  7. Rocket – a little foam rocket
  8. Lollipop

So let your child discover, imagine and create by ordering yours starting $29.99 a month with free shipping at;


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