The Story Box – April Box



The Story Box is such a great subscription box for children aged 1-7. Each box has 2 books chosen by trained speech language pathologists and come with suggested reading guides to ensure your child is getting the most benefits from that specific book. The books are chosen carefully to ensure your child is learning and developing the proper skills. It’s great that these books work for children of all ages with activities and suggestions to keep in mind, whether they are 1 years old and admiring your expressions and energy or when they are in 2nd grade and learning new concepts and ideas, asking questions and brainstorming. My adorable nephew pictured here loves reading, and he doesn’t forget a word you tell him. My sister read him this book first and when I read it the second time he already knew everything from only hearing it once! Such a smart little boy, helps that these books are easy to follow and engaging. In this box;

  1. The Perfect Hug – I love that both of these books are colourful with adorable illustrations. Westy helped read this book with me.
  2. Hooray for Hat – Westy can be a grumpy bear sometimes so he laughed when I read this book, exaggerating the word ‘grumpy’ just made him smile and giggle. Love the story line here.

Very cute website, they really did a great job on it, and they have lots of giveaways too! Each month they select someone from social media to send a 3 month subscription to, woo hoo! Someone I absolutely love is that they also give partial proceeds of the subscription go towards books, toys and other educational materials for families with children that have disabilities or low-income families, love that. Monthly subscriptions start at $19.99 with free shipping which is a steal for children’s books that can be quite expensive. To order yours visit;


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