Didis Toy Box


Your little one deserves the very best and play time is one of the most important times for them. Why not encourage them to use their imagination, learn and create with Didis Toy Box. Each month you’ll get a curated box of 2-4 high quality, premium age appropriate and safe toys for your little ones. No more running around the kids store looking for the proper age on a box. Just let them know your due date or child’s age and gender so they can tailor the box properly. Let your kids play with expertly crafted and carefully selected toys while they’re in the most delicate of brain development stages. With the proper toys they are bound to build confidence, build motor skills, and expand on learning all the basics and more!

They have boxes for infants from 1-12 months that focus on building hand and eye coordination, motor skills, and high stimuli toys that are colourful and appealing to the touch. Then they have boxes for toddlers aged 12-36 months that focus on fostering confidence, build relationships and create organizational skills with identifying, sorting, and building.

In this box we got a little red wooden fire truck, a little red bathtub boat, a 3 level egg, chick and chicken puzzle, a pull toy scuba diver, and a box of puzzles. Both Westy who’s almost 5 and Myles who’s almost 3 loved all the items! They shared, played separately, and switched toys a few times before choosing their favourites.

Starting at only $42.50 a month. They also have gift options so you can order the Baby Shower box for $65.00 or the Birthday box for $59.00. Be sure to follow along with their blog for some amazing discounts as well! Order here;


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