Howling Moon Craft Cider


Cider obsessed like myself? Lately I’ve been moving back and forth between wine, beer and cider. In search of a cider to keep my interest. I recently had a chance to taste Howling Moon cider and just had to reach out to them for a feature! They were sweet enough to send me these 2 seasonal flavours to try out and share! Howling Moon is a local company out of Oliver in the Okanagan. They are made with 100% fresh pressed apple juice and made with all of the original cider making techniques like cold slow fermentation and long maturation. Something you can appreciate and taste in the end product! They have their traditional flavours;

  1. Revival – SemiDry
  2. Revolution – Dry
  3. Rebellion – SemiSweet

Then they have their Makers series which they send me these first two;

  1. Spiced Cherry – this one tastes like Christmas! I drank this one for Christmas dinner with all the fixing! It tasted a lot like apple cider with cinnamon and clove and sure enough those are some of the main ingredients along with bing cherry juice, vanilla bean pods, star anise and even chocolate bitters!
  2. Blackberry Sage – made with ripe blackberries and wild black sagebrush, mmm I love sage! This one is great on its own or they suggest pairing it will a spirit like gin!
  3. Cucumber Mint – ooooh I neeeed to try this asap!

Order here;

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