Aloha Pack



Ahhh can you smell the fresh air, feel your feet in the sand, the sound of Kamakawiwoʻole playing ‘Over the Rainbow’ on the ukulele. Let the Aloha Pack take you there and immerse you in Hawaiian fever. Discover the local treats and snacks of Hawaii. Perhaps some bath and body products, some sweet treats or a local favorite. Each box will have 6-8 items averaging $70 all hand picked from their local farmers markets. With so much culture you will likely be happy with the products you receive. I personally love Hawaii and used to call it my second home when my dad lived on the island of Maui for a short time. I would spend my days in Lahaina or Kaanapali’s Whaler Village …. mmm Ahi Poke & a Lava Flow from Leilani’s anyone? Maybe some Ceviche and a Mojito from the Hula Grill? Geez, anyone want to head over with me?! Hawaiian treats are hard enough to find off the island, I have some go-to favorites like a coconut syrup, chocolate covered macadamian nuts, guava jam… and these are the types of things you might find in their subscription boxes! Yessss! In this box;

  1. Li Hing Strawberry sour belts – Mmmm I actually love these, I’ve tried our regular brands here in US and Canada and these ones are even better!
  2. Hawaiian party mix – time to make a few cocktails and have a luau my friends with these japanese rice crackers!
  3. Liliko’i passionfruit butter – creamy spread made of Liliko’i juice, butter, sugar and eggs, truly an island specialty! Good on toast, muffins, and more!
  4. Aloha Hula girl soap – nice jasmine scent
  5. Honolulu cookie – the pineapple macadamia shortbread cookie isn’t pictured because it broke so I kinda sorta ate it… oops! I’ve been to this store and their shortbread is sooooooo damn good! And they give you tasters of all of them!
  6. Lip balm – All natural and made with beeswax, coconut oil, sweet almond oil, pretty much all the good oils! Vanilla flavored!
  7. BONUS – they included a Plumeria clip on as a gift, it symbolizes positivity, they can also be worn to show if you are single or not depending on what side they are worn.

For only $49.95 and free shipping you will get a box of treats care packaged straight to your door! Use code 10ALOHAPACKLIFE for 10% OFF for life. They also give away prizes each month, so 1 lucky subscriber will be chosen to win the Uku surprise pack! Order here;


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