Jade Canopy – August Indian Summer Box



Love the idea of this box, so different then your typical subscription box – love getting your hands dirty? Well, this box is created by gardeners for gardeners with he purpose of nurturing the world around us. In each themed months box you will find a new project with instructions, seeds and bulbs.

This months theme is Indian Summer with tools to get your Autumn Harvest started. It includes; peat pots, plant markets and seeds (a ton of them I might add!) to grow ornamental corn and pie pumpkin, I didn’t even know there was such thing as a pie pumpkin seed! They also include twine and a citronella candle as a bonus in this months box. It comes with a gardening to-do list, fun facts, and list of flowers and veggies to plant this month. It also comes with a ‘uses for twine’ suggestion sheet to help get you started if you’ve never used it before.

Some great things about their concept, gardening helps relieve stress. It allows you to grow your own food, how natural and organic is that! It’ll save you money, and is a great family activity. Gardening also teaches you patience, waiting for your little plant to grow, but what a beautiful thing when it does, giving you that feeling of accomplishment.

Unfortunately I don’t have much of a green thumb, I try and try and try but either over or under water, or maybe don’t give the plants and flowers the love they deserve. Animals I can handle, so why are plants so hard for me? My mom on the other hand has a green thumb, everything she touches turns to what you’d see in the secret garden, growing vegetables, fruit, plants and flowers all year long! Meanwhile I can’t even keep my fav the orchid alive for more than a month.

A great thing about them is they donate 10% of their sales to animal charitys like the Humaine Society or shelters, that makes me smile as I know how much they need our help. Over $2,000 donated so far, and they even add a photo of a dog that has been helped with the donations! Their boxes start at $32 with free shipping. Order here;



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