The Play Box


Okay kids time for bed! Adults! Looking for a sexy adult subscription? How about the Play Box, filled with an item for every one of your five senses. Each month they’ll send you a box full of tantalizing goodies to provoke each sense, smell, sound, taste, touch and sight! Yes please! Let their sexual educators pick and choose your items that are for sure to bring you and your lover closer together with experimentation, excitement and fun. If you love to get kinky and try new things to spice it up and keep the fire alive then you’ll love this box! Although Valentine’s is over, you should never give up trying to raise the libido and heighten those senses for some one on one fun. In this box;

  1. Shunga Love Bath – ‘Your bath water will transform into thousands of delicate pearls. A subtle perfume will fill the room as you step into this oasis with your lover.’ Haha wow, yes please! This sounds exciting!
  2. Kama Sutra Honey Dust – perfect for taste
  3. Luna Atlas vibrator – because hey, it does the trick!
  4. Charged cock ring – so he can partake
  5. Lucky sex dice – haha awesome
  6. Shunga Body Paint – oh fun!
  7. Sliquid lube

Starting at under $120 a box for a 6 month rose gold subscription, then a 3 month for gold and month to month for silver. Choose your first box then let them guide you thereafter on a sexual roadmap. Each subscription comes with a percentage off in store as well. Rose gold will get you 20% off everything in store and trust me you want that! They have 125 pages of goodies to choose from… holy. I think I might have to browse thru!

Order here;

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