Are you a wine-o? Love a good glass of bold red, how about a crisp white or delicate rose all day? WINC is a wine subscription, ohhhh baby! Each month you will receive a personalized selection of wines directly to your door. After completing the online survey of just a few questions on taste and palate preferences they’ll determine which wines are likely your best fit, and they were right, the ones they chose were exactly what I was looking for, and taste amazing! Hardest part? Deciding which wine to open first! I went with the Chop Shop for my dinner but based on my personal preferences I was sent;

  1. 2017 Chop Shop Cabernet Sauvignon – California
  2. 2018 Cape Route Cinsault – Western Cape, South Africa
  3. 2018 Mercana Malbec – Mendoza, Argentina
  4. 2017 Far + Wide Grüner Veltliner – Austria

I also added a 5th bottle because I wanted to try more and because I’m a wineooo.

5. 2016 Rosa Obscura Red Blend – California

I love so many things about this company. Their website is amazing, easy to navigate the wines, easy to adjust, so if you’ve tried one of their suggestions, you can swap it out for another that you’d like to try! Want a little more? Just add more bottles! I love how once you do choose your wines, or go ahead with the suggested ones, they send you a list of details about that wine, it’s like the wine connoisseur is in your living room letting you know where the grapes are from, what scents you might pick up, suggested recipes to pair with the meal and more! For example, number one on my list, the chop shop cab sauv pairs perfect with a Beef Tenderloin with Black Truffle Sauce. Sounds delicious? Of course it does, so they include the recipe to make it! How about the blend I added on? Oh why not make a Honey-Roasted Chicken with Garlic, Lavender, & Roasted Vegetables, yummmm yes please!

Want more? FREE shipping if you have 4+ bottles in your cart, which obviously you do. They are a must try if you love wine and an absolute must if you are looking for the perfect gift for a friend or family member. Okay now it’s time for some FREE wine! Want $22 off, ummm of course you do, that’s a free bottle of wine for most! Click the link for a $22 discount and complimentary shipping – that’s 4 bottles of wine for $40! Order here;


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