Lobster Foods – Vancouver


What’s your favourite food? Pizza? Steak? Lobster? How about lobster on top of your pizza! Ummm yes please! Had to check out this super fun and Instagram worthy restaurant in the heart of downtown Vancouver called Lobster Foods! Was pleasantly surprised by the prime location overlooking English Bay, and a menu jam packed with lobstaaa! From sushi to lobster rolls, you have a little something for everyone!

Lobster Foods is a restaurant that I’ve actually never noticed before, they are tucked on the 2nd floor on Denman near Davie, and can be nearly missed without their sandwich board down below. Be sure to check them out and try their ramen or famous pizza. Want to have some fun with your food? They have costumes so you can dress up for your insta-worthy photo, complete with lobster hands and head piece!

We got to try a few of their main dishes. Started the night off with some warm miso soup, perfect palate pleaser. Followed some some nigiri sushi, my fav. I went for the Black Truffle lobster roll since I’m truffle obsessed and it was delicious! The lobster was perfect! They use fresh Maine lobster on a buttered grilled split top bun, perfectly done! They have lots of fun styles of rolls from Miso to Kimchi! But if your going to do it, go all out and get the lobster pizza! Nothing like a full lobster on top of your fav food! I may have snatched up all the yummy morsels for myself, muahaha.

They have tons of other lobster filled menu items as well, like risotto, bisque, baked or poached lobster, and ramen! This Japanese and American hybrid cuisine is worth the visit! Check them out!

1184 Denman St, Vancouver – look up to the top level Unit 202 and grab a romantic patio seat! Find out more here;


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