Introducing Spiffster – a gentlemen’s tie subscription creating that perfectly classic, sexy, trendy or casual look. Just choose your preference from 3 styles, original, silk or the skinny, then choose between bold, business or a combo! Or go for bow ties with your choice of self tying or pre-tied! Not to mention they have a sock club too. Let them do the work for you in finding the perfect tie or bow tie for business or pleasure! Got a fancy Christmas party coming up? No problem! Big business meeting? Great! Their products are interchangeable to wear up or down!

Your subscription also comes with The Spiffster Gazette which is a gentlemen’s publication, lol, you heard me right! This super cute 1-pager has tips and tricks to pass on, like last months had a tie tying technique – that’s a tongue twister – the new technique is the Eldredge Knot which is super unique and a little fancy, not to mention difficult, lol. There are also clean up techniques for how to keep your tie clean in case of spills or stains like coffee, wine and oil. Loved the tie and sock we got in last months order!

Starting at only $10 month which is an awesome deal! Use code HOLIDAY18 for 20% off your subscription! Order here;


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