Three Huggers


Are you doing your part to keep the earth clean and sustainable? Keeping your carbon footprint to a minimum? Composting? There are so many ways to do your part, so why aren’t you doing more? Conserve water, reuse, reduce, recycle… the options are endless! Let’s bring Three Hugger in with their sustainable alternative to plastic! No more plastic sandwich bags or that annoying difficult to use Saran Wrap. Introducing Beeswax!!! Beeswax wraps are becoming more and more popular, especially in my household! I’m all about using reusable zipper bags for my crackers, chips and snacks but what about my perishable items? Beeswax is the perfect answer. No more leaving a loaf of bread in the fridge and waiting for it to go stale after a day. No more moldy cheese! Can’t finish that avocado? You don’t have to! I would say that is the best test of all. Slice a fresh avocado and wrap it up in one of these bad boys… open a few days later and you and your wallet, as well as your compost will be pleasantly surprised to half a green avocado!

Their beeswax wraps are handmade from premium grade beeswax, pine resin, and jojoba oil, which will positively impact the environment as they are reusable, naturally antibacterial, zero waste and biodegradable when your ready to say goodbye! They also have a 100% cotton beeswax wraps too! Their availability ranges so check in often to see if they large bread wraps and sandwich wraps, they often times have wool dryer balls too! There are hundreds of ways to use them, so try out some different types of uses, from wraps to covers!

They have about 15 different combos and colours to choose from, so grab a few and brighten up your fridge! Not sure how to use them? Just wrap em’, your warm hands will act to soften the wrap so that it stays shut! It’s kind of amazing, and one of my favorite smells! They are under $10 each and under $20 for a 3 pack and ship across Canada! Order here;

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