Have you started any new rituals this year? Looking to start some new healthy habits? Why not take care of yourself with self care through diet and love by introducing some healthy tonics and elixirs into your regime. Moodbeli believes self care is important and what easier way to kick start your new habit with delicious certified organic, fair trade and rain forsest alliance certified products like their sustainable ingredients that you just add in. Whether your adding a little to your morning coffee to a lot to your pre-workout smoothie, you will definitely feel and see the benefits. Inspired while in Costa Rica, they look at the transformative powers of plants like reishi, maca, cacao and turmeric. We’ve learnt over time that these plants are far more transformative then we assumed, at least I have learnt more about them in the last year then ever before, not to mention it’s a simple way to make a change to your diet and well-being.

So add a little to your morning coffee, tea, juice, smoothie, include it in your baked goods, dinner, why not indulge a little and create a yummy nut milk latte with a sprinkle here and there? Now for the products. An interesting one I thought was the Cloud Powder. This is a dairy-free creamer filled with organic coconuts, tocos (rice bran solubles), vitamins and minerals. They benefits include glowing skin, strengthening our tissues, mood enhancer, increase of energy, promotes blood flow, and removes toxins from the body. Great start! Next we have Golden Turmeric, I’ve heard so many great things about turmeric lately, I really need to start adding it to my cooking as I always have some on hand! Benefits include taming indigestion, soothing inflammation, and easing joint pain. Their Mushroom Adaptogen is a fun one with wildcrafted mushrooms and raw cacao, benefits include nourishing the immune system and enhancing the well-being not to mention it helps with stress relief, who doesn’t want that??? Loving the Bliss Booster, this one is a maca root, cinnamon, and cayenne-spiked raw cacao blend that helps balance your hormones (hello ladies!), is a mood enhancer and stress reliever. with notes of cinnamon may help relieve stress, enhance vitality, and bring the mind into the present. Next up is the Calming Adaptogen which is my fav, with warming chai-spiced Ashwagandha, this is great for vitality and most importantly, expanding happiness, the list goes on including alleviating stress, supporting physical and mental stamina, balancing the immune system, promotes a restful sleep, improves memory… on and on. I love this stuff. They also have a Ceremony tonic with matcha green tea that helps with mindfulness.

Jars range from $33 and up, they also sell boxes full of sachets for travel or grab and go. I would just for a multi pack that has quite a few kinds to try out like the essential travel kit that includes 18 sachets of turmeric, blue green protein, energy tonic, calming adaptogens, bliss boosters and mushroom adaptogens. Or test them out with the All the Moods kit for a little of each before you dive in! The essential set has a bunch of jars if you know what you want! Try them out for yourself! Order here;


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