Try The World


I love trying new things that I would otherwise not get the opportunity to try so Try the World is the perfect box for me. It’s a monthly snack box of gourmet treats from around the world! There are 2 options. You could get a specific country each month with 7-8 international gourmet treats and delicacies from around the world with tips on exactly how to use the contents with recipes and more. You will get a curated selection of items such as ingredients, drinks, spices, spreads and snacks from around the world every month, to help you create an authentic culinary experience at home.

Or, you could purchase the Snack Box which takes the 6 most popular all-natural treats and snacks from 6 different countries! I love this concept, gives you an opportunity to taste the world or a single country every month, a blind tasting tour! You can literally get a treat from South Africa, Japan, Thailand, Italy and more all in one box! In this box;

  1. Rieme Sparkling lemonade in Blood Orange from France – a nice treat over ice!
  2. Miggy’s Bitbits from Brazil – these are fun little chocolate covered rice crispies
  3. Mabo Tofu sauce from Hong Kong – a sichuan style sauce to try out!
  4. Smoky Chile rub from Mexico – A spice by Spice Hunter for a nice Aztec sauce.
  5. Quadratini cocoa & milk wafers cookies from Italy – A well known brand and yummy treat
  6. Gooseberry Spread – so random but I love gooseberries so a pleasant surprise!!!

This box also comes with a recipe on how to use the Mabo Tofu sauce and the Smoky Chile spice and looks so good! Starting at only $29 a month for the Countries box or $15 a month for the Snack Box with a 12 month subscription which is a 20% savings, and always free shipping! Sign up today and get 15% off of with coupon code subscriptionboxgirl. Order here;

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