Bonjour Jolie 


Not your typical Aunt Flo box! Bonjour Jolie is a great box that will pamper you during ‘that time’. You can order this box with or without the feminine products, and there are options for transgendered, gender neutral or your first period. What to expect in your box? Gifts, bathroom products, specialty teas or drinks, feminine products and wipes, even Advil! You can even go with a basic box and select your own add-ons! Need some tylenol or midol added? How about a heating pack? You can even add snacks or make it a vegan or GF box! Choose your own feminine products as well, 20 of these and 5 of those? No problem! Allergies? They have all natural! In this box;

  1. Hikari cosmetics eyeshadow – cruelty free brand which I love, super dark colour thou! 
  2. The Bomb Gals bath bomb – handmade, natural and vegan.
  3. PMS tea by Helping Hands – perfect tea to ease cramps and bloating! 
  4. TeaStuf strawberry tea strainer – this is sooo adorable! 
  5. Snacks galore!!! We have a fruit leather, lollipops, jelly beans, craisins, popcorn and a kashi bar! All the sweet treats for those time of the month cravings! 
  6. The goods – Tampons of course, and wipes and Advil to make the time go smoothly and easily! 

Order yours here for only $16 a month, they ship worldwide! Military? Get another $5 off! Order here;

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