Scent Trunk



The Scent Trunk is a perfume subscription that sources unique high quality fragrances based on your scent profile. Just share your preferences for floral, fruity, smokey, and so on. Your monthly subscription will include 3x 2mL bottles, they also sent me the free sample atomizer, perfect for traveling or a mist on the go! They support artists that would otherwise not be known but should be. Perfect for me as I don’t know anything about those big brands with the famous celebs name on the bottle, which I hate, would far rather support those that actually deserve it. There are far too many fragrances out there by musicians and celebrities that aren’t actually passionate about that field, just a money grab having their name on the bottle.

1. Perfect Veil by Sarah Horowitz Parfums – I love the vanilla, lemon and sandalwood notes. This is a warm sensual scent.

2. Omega by Mendittorosa – This is a mysterious scent with smokey notes, good for a late night rendezvous.

3. Scarlet Larkspur by Ineke – Floral notes here combined with the fruitiness of morello cherries and red currant. Perfect for a summer day!

4. Perfect Vanilla by Sarah Horowitz Parfums – Loving this comforting scent of vanilla with a hint of tobacco and blood orange.

I like that they donate a portion of purchases to Brain & Behavior Research Foundation to help prevent mental illness. Get your first box free, just cover the shipping ($4.95). After that it’s only $9.99 a month! Order here;


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