CA Found


California is my second home. I love every bit of it. But can you ever experience it all? Now you can with California Found! Each month they’ll send you a box full of local, artisan made products. A chance to introduce you to small businesses that are rocking it on the West Coast! Live and love the Cali lifestyle while trying an endless supply of their products, it’s like a monthly vacay to Califooooornia! Perhaps you’ll get some home decor, jewelry, treats and sweets, body products, either way I’m sure you’ll love it! In this box;

  1. Pistaché Skincare – hydrating moisturizer, worth $38 and full of powerful natural products including pistachio oil!
  2. Nora’s Food Co. – nice big bag of granola! This is a grain and gluten free paleo snack! Perfect on my yogurt with honey!
  3. Banter & Bliss Candle Co. – love both is these! We have a red currant and blue spruce candle that use 100% natural soy and coconut wax and scented with essential oils, just the way candles should be made!
  4. Midi Queen – the mini queen is a perfect reusable bag, great for a little makeup bag or swim bag. Love the orange and white chevron.
  5. Wilma & Ethel – suuuch a pretty and dainty little Swarovski crystal bracelet. Worth $46 and love it!
  6. Avant Card Studio – 3 cute little greeting cards, inspired by a love of photography.

Get Cali-Bound starting at only $45 a month with free shipping for a 6 month subscription! Use code subboxgirl20 for 20% off! Order here;

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