Little Passports – Early Explorers



Little Passports is a monthly adventure for your kids to explore the world, learn and have fun all at the same time, or as they call it a ‘Global Adventure’! Westy loves reading and learning and is the smartest little man and he really liked this box. He can put his toys in the suitcase which he’ll love. They have 3 options;

  1. The Early Explorers (aged 3-5) – photo above. The first box will have the suitcase so less activities. But it did include a passport, luggage tag, stickers, a world map, and activity book. That map is super cute, and large enough to teach a child the basics! Your child can expect to learn topics like music, space, landmarks, dinosaurs (Westy’s favorite!) and oceans! He’s going to jump for joy knowing there are more of these boxes on their way! Max, Mia & Toby take you on an adventure of learning here!
  2. World Edition (aged 6-10) – very creative little gadgets in this box, hands-on activities for the child to get more involved. The map in this one is more detailed, I absolutely love maps and find it fascinating how much you can learn about Geography so can’t imagine how much the kids would love this! Travel around with Sam & Sofia
  3. USA Edition (aged 7-12) – full activities in this box, journals, and in-depth learning tools here. There is an in-depth map of USA for this box which is a great learning tool, and even a disposable camera!

They even have an option for classrooms. Are you a teacher? This would be great for your Grade 1-4 classes, class discussions and activities will help the kids learn about the different cultures and geography. These would include a 6 month subscription, 30 individual passports and sticker set, and teachers guides (and quizzes too)! Use code LEARN15 for $15 off your 1yr subscription which starts at only $11.95 a month plus shipping depending on the category you choose ($14.95 for Early Explorers). Order here;


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