Snack Sack – April Box



This SnackSack was super impressive! Definitely a top 5 fav of the boxes I’ve reviewed! Most snack boxes I’ve tried have 5-10 items, this had 14 and they were all fantastic! Their products are natural, junk-free and are all or some of the following; organic or all-natural, non-GMO, vegan, fair-trade, vegan or gluten-free. In this box;

  1. Chinook Seedery smokehouse BBQ sunflower seeds – Ate these all in 1 sitting, I do not suggest doing that unless you are starving haha, 20% with code snacksack20 at
  2. You Love Fruit key lime fruit leathers – I loved these, they are actually made with fresh squeezed organic lime… unbelievable, shared them at the office, I need more please! Omg they have 11 flavors? Muuuuust try.
  3. FreeYumm honey apple oat bar – this was pretty tasty, a little squishy, but tasty
  4. JJ’s sweets vanilla cocomels – for those that know me, caramels are my weakness, so they ones are made with coconut milk? Delicious!
  5. Sheila G’s salted caramel brownie brittle – I’ve seen these around so was excited to finally try them! So good and crunchy!
  6. Justin’s honey almond butter – I buy this on the regular so was happy to get one!
  7. Kobaya black pepper coated almonds – These were pretty tasty!
  8. Raw Revolution chocolate chip cookie dough bar – tasty as well, comes with a buy one get one coupon! Bonus!
  9. Made in nature dried tart cherries – love dried cherries, I put them in my salad or yogurt!
  10. Steamm bottled Raw cacao espresso – I like that this company is a one for one, for each bottle sold they donate for a child to get a polio vaccination. Although I personally did not like the taste of it, it was far too sweet for me. Love the concept thou!
  11. Somersault life company cinnamon crunchy seed bites – These were soooo good, I opened them to try one and kept going back to have another.. finished them too fast, made with sunflower seeds, would love to try the other flavors!
  12. Flyjoy coconut macaroon bar – was the perfect bar on a hike!
  13. Beanitos – Mac n cheese crunch – love cheesy’s and these ones are actually healthy! And another Beanitos! – lime chips – tasty! Comes with a $1.00 off coupon!

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