Sweet Reads Box


Still need to get your best friend a gift? How about your mama? A great subscription I would suggest is the Sweet Reads Box. Sending you a book and some other goodies each month that will encourage you to take a break, relax, enjoy a good book and get through the holidays in one piece! In each box you will get a bestselling novel, a sweet treat, a fun artisan drink to sip during your reading and some fun themed curated items to fit the box. Love this Canadian company, they’ve been around over a year and I’ve been excited to try them out as every one of their past boxes looks amazing! In this box;

  1. Starlight by Richard Wagamese
  2. Making spirts bright towel – perfect for the holidays!
  3. Mug – super cute and great for coffee, tea or hot cocoa!
  4. Barú marshmallow – ummm ok pretty sure this is one of my new favorite things! Like holy delicious, I ate the whole box of 4 in about 6 seconds!
  5. Hot cocoa – perfect pairing!
  6. Notebook & post card – native print, very BC!

Starting at $53 a month for a 6 month subscription. They’re sold out of their December and Christmas editions already so hurry up if you want to catch the January box! Giving it as a gift? You can add a greeting card with a personalized message for an extra $5! Order here;


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