Sweet N Swag


Is this not the most adorable baby shoe company ever? Every mom I’ve talked to raves about how great Sweet N Swag is so we had to find out for ourselves and we all agree! Such adorable and easy to put on baby shoes! They have 4 kinds of shoes plus a ton of adorable accessories.

  1. Moxy – awww these are so adorable! I think the red Dorothy ones are my favorite and this colour called Sienna… their site is too adorable with the names of the shoe colours. Only $22.
  2. Moccs – these are my fav, seriously the most adorable baby boots. Loving this merlot colour, and with a zipper in the back they are easy to put on plus an elastic inside to properly stay on. They are handmade with cotton to keep the foot warm and dry and a durable rubber sole. Only $28.
  3. Moxfords – perfectly paired with any outfits, super cute with the little laces, and love this colour, the Stonehenge. They have tons of colour options and two-toned options as well. They are an adorable oxford style shoe with a hidden elastic for easy on and off functionality. Only $22.
  4. Moccasins – these are an absolute must. So easy to put on and so many colour options! From army style, to sailor strips to polka dots, the options are endless for these ones, or just go straight for the Navajo style! We went with the modern taupe. Only $20.

They also have adorable bows, the Hadley style is a little larger for $7 and the Elle bow is $6. Too cute! What’s even cuter is their bow tie and suspender set, they range from $7-19 and are perfect for any little boys outfit! Last but not least binkie clips for $7! Overall they are very reasonably priced compared to other baby shoes, and actually stay on! Order here;


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