The Willie Wags – March Box


imageIt’s amazing how many great boxes there are out there, and nothing I love more than supporting a good cause. Willie Wags is an inspirational box that supports women owned small businesses, 20% of the proceeds are actually given back to fund women to grow their business! Woot, girl power! In this box;

  1. “Make It Happen” by Lara Casey – a book on choosing purpose over perfection. Starting to read and it truly is a motivational book that actually seemed meant for me to read in this chapter of my life, you go girl!
  2. Notepads by Parrot Design Studio – These are super cute and I have just the spot for them!
  3. Passion Planner – Ok I used to love my high school agenda but this thing is intimidating! I need that boost to focus on my goals and this is the perfect butt-Kicker! … Starting to notice a trend in this box…. 💪🏻💪🏻💪🏻
  4. Water Bottle Decal by LG Design – Love this decal idea to keep me on track with my water intake, something I’m terrible at.
  5. “You are the fiercest warrior” artwork by Cynthia Bogart – Limited edition watercolour artwork, need to find a frame for this!
  6. Whoopie Pies from Levant Corner Store – Too bad these are from Maine, yum! Did you know these bad boys have won 3 years in a row at the Annual State of Maine Whoopie Pie Festival? I need to get to Maine pronto!
  7. Silver cuff by The Bangle Bear – Funny that I pulled this out and laughed at the elastic on my wrist, I’ve needed something like this forever, now to find a spot for my bobby pins!

This box was truly inspirational, and jam packed with goodies. To order yours use code SUBBOXGIRL10 for 10% off at;


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