Woman Up


Im still so bummed that the Woman Up Box closed so sadly you won’t be able to get your hands on this box. I loved them too! The Woman Up Box is a subscription box created for ladies to indulge, uplift, encourage and empower. How you ask? They encourage you to lift up other women, your coworkers, your friends, the world and yourself. Feel uplifted knowing they are donating 10% of profits to woman focused charities. Empower other woman by going for the suggested ideas in the Lift Up card. And indulge with gourmet beauty, spa and home decor products, treats and more! You’ll get 6+ lovely items each month to get you feeling. In this Shine on Harvest Moon October box;

  1. Green Daffodil candle – this is my favorite smelling candle, ever! It’s green apple, and sooo good. It makes my whole apartment smell so yummy.
  2. Designs by Katie Leigh’s bracelet – super cute and a little girly with the pink.
  3. Top of Hill Maple – love these maple lollie drops, little taste of honey to sweeten your day! Perfect while I’ve been sick!
  4. Honey & Aloe facial mask – excited to use this masque!
  5. Northern WildCrafters potpourri – yummy during the holidays, smells like pumpkin!
  6. Flying Bird Botanicals – love this brand and this harvest moon red chai is so yummy!

Starting at only $42 a month with a subscription or $49.95 on a monthly basis, plus get 10% off with code FOUNDER10 as a founding member. They also have a petite box if your scared of committing to a larger box, starting at $27 a month. This months charity was the Dress for Success Worldwide! So feel happy about the way in which you are helping others by ordering this box! Order here;


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