Locally Obsessed


I think I’ve made it obvious that I love companies that support their locals, so what better way to show it then with the Locally Obsessed box from my own backyard! Locally Obsessed is a carefully curated and hand delivered subscription in the Fraser Valley of Beautiful BC bringing you artisan, small batch, locally made and hand selected items. Each month you’ll get a cute bag filled with 3-5 items from within your community, items you’d expect to find at a Farmers Market or local Fair. I’ve never heard of any of this months products which I found surprising as I love them all and can’t wait to share these great companies! And since they hand deliver, they can offer perishable items and cut down delivery and shipping charges, letting you save money and get the best bang for your buck! The are also fully customizable too! Do you have kids? Pets? Just fill out the questionnaire for your own personalized box, once July hits they’ll change it up to a one box fits all so you don’t miss out thou! This box is one of a kind, truly making you feel special upon delivery. In this box;

  1. Aslan Organics Farm fresh eggs from Yarrow BC- whaaaa?! I must say, this was quite a surprise to see half a carton of these delicious farm fresh eggs! They were delicious too, made them hard boiled for lunches this week and scrambled for breaky!
  2. Dream With Me Designs – love this beautiful dream catcher, much needed as well as I have some insanely intense dreams and nightmares!
  3. ‘Oh For Fox Sacks’ Mug by Logan Berry Baby – I loooove mugs like this, so cute and creative! So many other cute items to check out on their insta page!
  4. Mountainview Botanicals + Candles – love these small batch, vegan, hand poured and blended candles in these cute little holders!
  5. Fantasy Soap Works Shower frosting – never heard of Shower frosting but love the name! This is a foaming sugar scrub, but check out their other fun smelling artisan products!

Only $36.99 a month which is a steal when you realize how amazing the local products are! Love an item? You can order more or past items on their website, plus learn about the companies that make each item! Currently delivering to Agassiz, Chilliwack, Abbotsford, Langley and Surrey. Order here;


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