Spicy Subscriptions – Valentine’s 2016 Edition



This one is for adults only! Children leave the room! I’d have to say this is one of my favourite boxes to receive, and one I would definitely sign up for. Feeling shy looking at this post? Then move on. There is nothing sexier than confidence, so women, let loose and speak up about what makes you happy, both in life and behind closed doors. The Spicy Subscription box is meant to spice up your love life (or personal life!). This box should encourage you to try new things, communicate, experiment and have fun while being adventurous, something that I find to be key in a relationship. Each month you can expect a box full of goodies (including an intimate product – in the pink bag). In this box;

  1. The Rabbit – Has anyone seen that Sex in the City episode? Then you know what this is, and holy moly, enough said…
  2. Bijoux Indiscreets – So these are body decorations, something I’ve never known existed but they are very sexy! These are the Mimi, which are rhinestone pasties.
  3. Love in Luxury moisture – This is a pheromone moisture meringue, also a product I’ve never heard of again! Hello, pheromones in this thing? So awesome, smells so good.
  4. Jo XOXO – This is flavored lube in Cotton Candy & Cinnamon, these both smell and taste half decent!
  5. Crazy Girl gel – This is to increase the sensation… down there, my oh my.

This box also comes with a link for 50% off the Pillow Play app episodes, which I had never heard of before so checked it out and listened to the first episode. It’s an audio assistant to spice up your relationship, or get the communication going. You can also shop their online store as well for products you may have missed. Packages are only $24.95 for the Toy Box and $34.95 for the Spice Box which is insanely inexpensive with how much this box is worth, plus shipping is free in the US and $5 in Canada! Order here and get your 1st box free with code 1STFREE on a 4 month subscription, or 2 boxes free with code 2FREE on a 8 month subscription… your relationship will thank you.



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