Crunchy Mama Box


Introducing the Crunchy Mama Box and loving this hilarious name, was confused at first until I found out that crunchy means ‘a person who has adjusted or altered their lifestyle for environmental and philanthropic reasons’ which I love! This subscription focuses on eco-friendly, organic, natural and sustainable products made by small women-owned businesses! I love how they are so supporting of other mamas and women around the world. Such a great cause! Each month you can expect a new subscription box filled with 5-8 full sized items including a combo of bath & beauty products, home decor, candles, snacks and other goodies that encourage self-care and self-love including a new stone and meditation instructions. This subscription is earth conscious and focuses on bringing you, the mama bear goodies, since we all know that mama’s don’t generally take care of themselves since they are generally too busy taking care of everyone else! So let them introduce you to new sustainable products like wool dryer balls, beeswax wraps, reusable bags and more! In this box;

  1. Wool Dryer Ball – These are very environmentally friendly as they help to dry your laundry quicker and are made from natural materials. First time trying one of these and was pleasantly surprised! I love the tip they added on their website to add a few drops of essential oils and give your clothes an added fresh scent! Love that!
  2. Sin-Min Cocochata body beverage – Vegan and made with coconut oil, and melting at 76 degrees, I wasn’t sure what to expect when I tried this but I loved it! It smells like baked goodies, cinnamon and horchata! Yummm.
  3. YES bar – Loving this vegan and gluten free dark chocolate chip bar.
  4. Ivory & Iron Citrus & Eucalyptus Linen & Room Spray – Loving the smell of this, not too often you get a room spray in a sub box so was happy about getting this! Maybe I’ll add a few sprays of this to the dryer ball to get that yummy scent on my laundry!
  5. ECOLIPS Lip + Cheek Tint – A subtle hint of colour to touch up your lips and cheeks while on the go!
  6. Sauce dishes – Cute little blue and green leaves for holding sauces and dips, made with wheat straw fiber, plenty of uses, but also they are fair trade and zero waste.
  7. Girasol Stone – Loving this massive stone to add to my collection. Per their website; ‘Girasol Opal is a stone of gentle yet potent calming and grounding energy. It brings strength, peace, and energy protection. It works directly with the throat and crown chakras as it brings clarity and enhances communication. You can place the stone in your home or workplace to stimulate positive thoughts and expand awareness.’ – I love this, I could use some calming and grounding energy!

Only $29.99 a month plus free shipping, and bonus, use code CRUNCHYSBG for 10% off your order! They even donate a portion or proceeds to different causes each month, whether it’s a monetary donation or actual items in need. . Order here;


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