Quirky Stork


Time of the month got you down? Turn that frown upsidedown with this killer Quirky Stork box, packed to the brim with a mix of everything! Not just your typical ‘time of the month’ box, this one will help you forget those lady cramps and mood swings for a moment. Time to relax in the bath, take care of you, and enjoy some sweet treats while your at it.

This box has all the basics including tampons, pads, Advil, wipes, hot packs, women’s cycle tea, plus they have lots of treats including Chips Ahoy, Haribo Gummies, Skittles and even included a compact mirror, bath bomb, fancy scented hand sanitizer, face masque and more! All the lady products you’ll need during your cycle plus a little extra for those cravings.

Starting at only $19.99 a month which beats shopping around for all the goodies packed into this box! They have the Essentials Red Shadow box that includes everything for those with a light flow or are just starting their period to the Premium box that includes other feel good products from sweet treats and chocolates, face and body care and more.

They are also strong supporters of the LGBT community and Endometriosis Survivors Society. Order here;


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