Blackberry Patch


Mmmm I love the BlackBerry Patch! I got the chance to try 2 of their products in past boxes and just had to reach out to them to see what else I’m missing and so glad I did! They handcraft all their small batch syrups, jams, preserves, toppings and salsas in a Southern town in Georgia, made only with love and high quality ingredients. Most of them only have 3 ingredients like their toppers and syrups made with fresh fruit, lemon juice and cane sugar, simple as that!

Now for the products! So many different flavors, but let me share some favs! For their syrups for $6.99 you can get some yummy ones like Apple Butter and Pumpkin Spice (love this one on my pumpkin pancakes!). They have roasted Pecan, Strawberry Fig… ermergerd drooooool, your waffles and pancakes will thank you! Oh and Peach Cobbler, yessss. Their preserves I love as well, I little slab with some cheese and wine is such a nice treat. Also $6.99 and they have flavors like Apple Pie, Amaretto Peach Pecan, and lots of different pepper jellies. They also have delicious salsa in all sorts of flavors and ice cream toppers if your looking to indulge. Not sure what to choose? Go for a gift crate, they have soooo many different crates to choose from whether it’s a sample of their ketchups, salsas or a breakfast crate!

Check out their recipes online for ideas on how to use yours, then find them in stores or order here;


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