Simply Beautiful


Yessss the Simply Beautiful box again! This is a fav of mine for sure. It’s stunning and jam packed full of goodies. This is the perfect seasonal subscription that will bring you all the latest trends and hottest items on the market. Whether it be accessories, home decor, pantry items, bath and body products, this box has it all! Brought to you from BC Living, they already test and showcase so many amazing items that they decided to just send it in a box and share with everyone! Every quarter you’ll get 6-8 curated products that will leave you smiling for sure with their fine finds and must have items! In this box;

  1. Nautical Beach Tote – How adorable! I love how they include accessories in this box! Nothing like getting a new tote just in time for summer! This is my new fav!
  2. Blush Peony Wanderlust Makeup Bag – Ohhh I had just washed my old makeup bag and it has completely fallen apart so this came right on time!!! Super cute and love the half gold, made in Vancouver!
  3. Mytagalongs Quartz Charger Case – Didn’t know what this was at first but it’s a super cute case to hold my backup chargers, cords and headphones, perfect so they don’t get all tangled!
  4. Stripped Southern Comfort Down There Wash – I love this Vancouver company, perfect place to go for a Brazilian! Woot! This wash is great to take care of down there, also loved the fresh nuts spray in the men’s box, hilarious names!
  5. Nayelle Cream – You’ll either get the Hydrate Day or Rejuvenate Night cream, they both work wonders. Filled with probiotics this will help your skins elasticity, and it’s a great cruelty free Vancouver company!
  6. Maskeraide Sheet Masks – Ohhh I know this company and have got these before, I really like them! I also really like the packaging, super cute.
  7. Lark & Ives Wanderlust Pin Set – These have 2 purposes, you can wear them as accesssories or you can use them as pins to pin up pictures, which is perfect because I have a wall at work that I use to pin up all my fav items. Made in Vancouver too!

This box is valued at $180 which is amazing as it’s only $88 quarterly… I have no idea how that’s even possible as that night cream is $50 alone! Free shipping too! They also have the Extraordinary Man Box so be sure to jump on that for your man for only $74 and worth over $125, check out my previous post for them to catch a sneak peek at what’s inside. They also have fun special boxes like the Best of Beautiful Box for $79 and worth over $100 with the top 3 items. There is also the Simply Beautiful Awards that is $175 for a $230 box of conscious care goodies. Love that this a Canadian company, their warehouse is in my birth town of New West too! Whaaa?! Order here;

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