Try The World – Snack Box



I love trying new things that I would otherwise not get the opportunity to try so this was a great box for me. Try the World is a monthly snack box of gourmet treats from around the world! There are 2 options. You could get a specific country each month with 7-8 treats starting at $29 with free shipping, current month is from Portugal and Thailand next month and includes exactly how to use the contents with recipes, etc, OR you could purchase the SnackBox which takes the 5 most popular treats from the TryTheWorld boxes starting at $15 with free shipping (see photo), I love this concept, gives you an opportunity to taste the world or a single country every month, a blind tasting tour!

In this box;

  1. Nyåkers Gingersnaps – From Sweden, these are soooo addicting, simply the most delicious light crispy Gingersnaps, I’ll need to get these ordered again!
  2. Truffettes de France – These French Truffles from Quebec, Canada are one of my favourite treats to ever get in a box, sooo delicious I ate half the box on Day 1, I hope I can order these by the case…
  3. Orientines – the cookies from Morocco were decent, I didn’t like them personally.
  4. Biokia – Dried Berries from Finland, nothing special here, not sure if they should taste different from what we can buy close to home.
  5. Siammit – I was very excited to try these rice crackers from Thailand, I love thai food and was hoping for something a little more flavourful, but definitely left a little to be desired.

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