Mmm Treatsie is the perfect box for the friend with a sweet tooth – like me! Hint hint ­čśë they send you a box full of sweet treats each month, mostly homemade artisan treats too! Each month you’ll be introduced to at least 3 new companies with their yummy treats. Picky eater? You get to customize your taste profile to let them know! Dark chocolate fan? Coffee hater? No worries! This month we have Chuao and their many flavored chocolate bars, mmm Caramel Apple and Cinnamon Cereal, both delicious but would love a larger sample! We also have TREAT bake shop with their Candied Pecans. I absolutely love pecans and put them in all my baking, the candied ones I usually crush and put in my salad mmmm yum! Cuit, these products are ready to be devoured asap! They added a Caramel Apple Whoopie Pie and a Raspberry Crumbler which I loved, it was so soft and yummy, I just wish there was more! Overall this was a good first box. 

Find a product that you love? No problem! They have pages and pages of past boxes treats for you to try so you could get your next months subscription PLUS your favorite past treats. I’ve been flipping thru the pages and am getting super jealous. I have such a sweet tooth, I love caramel, pecans, marshmallows and there are so many I missed that I would love to try! They have cookies, popcorn, brittle, chocolate and more! Need wedding favors? They do that as well with custom labels. You can also purchase the seasonal sweets box and macaroon making box too. Their blog is really fun too, full of ideas for sweet treat recipes like s’mores, brulees

Starting at only $15 a month for a standard box (worth over $25!) and $27 for a premium (worth over $50!) with free shipping with code FREESHIPPING for orders over $49. Be sure to sign up for their newsletter for a chance to win a 3 month FREE subscription! Want DOUBLE the treats? Use code FRBUCO01. Order here;


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