Doggie Box


Each month your lucky dog will get 5-7 toys and treats that are made locally. Just chose between the Tiny, Small, Medium and Large so it’s completely customized! All the treats are made locally in the USA or Canada by small businesses that also believe in giving back to dogs in need. The best part? They donate a portion to groups that rescue neglected and abused dogs, which warms my heart and makes me smile. So don’t forget folks, ADOPT! DON’T SHOP! In this box;

  1. Paws Bakery – Bow Wow Snicker Doodle treats – these are great all natural dog treats!
  2. Bubba Rose CRACK! – Your dog will love training with these pumpkin spice break apart pieces!
  3. BuyABone – This Peanut Butter treat gives back and helps give a dog a home! You can’t go wrong there!
  4. The Barking Bus – Super cute animal cracker style treats!
  5. Blue squeeze toy – My dogs love squeakers!
  6. Crinkle dog – They also love the crinkle toys!

You can also win a box for FREE each month by signing up for their newsletter and be sure to use code for 10% off! They even have a BIRTHDAY box for your pooch if you really like to spoil them! Their subscriptions start at only $22.99 a month with FREE shipping too. Order here;


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