Belgian Boys


Nom nom nom nom… oh sorry. I was eating my FAV cookies in the world. Yes, you heard right. I actually have a favourite cookie. Those mini stash cookies are to die for. The Belgian Boys are the ones who introduced me to cookie butter and I must thank them (although my hips may not). Their products are made in Belgium and sooo delicious! They are the original Belgian Speculoos. Never heard of cookie butter cookies? Whaaaa?! Purchase them immediately! They also use authentic Dutch caramel waffles, mmmm. I had only ever tried their mini stash cookies so reached out to them to try a few more items. 

We have the waffle chips, mini stroopwafels and mini choco stroopwafels, as well as their regular size ones. They also sell mini and regular size pancakes and crepes and best of all, jars of cookie butter in creamy & crunchy! I obviously have a jar, I like to put it on apple slices. Nummmmy. 

They are inexpensive and a company that gives back as well which I like. Just tag them in a photo with hashtag #cookietrouble or #rockthatstash and nominate your favourite charity and they will choose a pic each month and donate their proceeds to them! How kind! Order here;

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