Rhinos Coffee House


Mmmm dooonuts and fresh brewed coffee. Is there anything better? I have to say Rhinos Coffee House in Tofino has some of the BEST donuts (or doughnuts if your fancy) I’ve ever tried! I stumbled across them on my latest visit to Tofino and had a chance to try and abundance of their products (I was a little hungry)!

Day 1 – Coffee and donuts. Let me tell you, the Maple Bacon is an absolute must, and their vegan stuffie? Drool worthy for sure. You better get there early or you’ll miss out on the donuts entirely! Day 2 – Breakfast Bagel. Drool Drool Drool… seriously, I’ve never had such a delicious breaky bagel, mmmm bacooon. What’s even better? They have a BRONUT, that’s right friends, it’s a breakfast bagel on a donut! Ermergerd. Day 3 – Matcha Green Tea Latte and another donut and another breakfast bagel (I couldn’t resist!!!). That latte was perfectly sweet and so yummy! Luckily I made it in time for donuts before they sold out! Day 4 – Stocked up on all the coffee options to take home and keep enjoying.

They have an online portal for you to pre-order, as it WILL be busy, it’s a hot spot! They also offer catering and international shipping. You can buy their gear online like hats and mugs. You can also purchase some of their coffee online, choosing from Espresso, Medium Roast and Dark Roast. I found some of their Surfer Coffee in store so stocked up on that one! Be sure to check them out if you are heading to Tofino or stock up on their coffee online! Find out more and order here;



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