Hoochy Booch


I’m new to the world of Kombucha and have found some must-try flavors recently with my absolute favorite being the Lady Grey from Hoochy Booch in Vancouver. I got a chance to try a few of their flavors at the Feast of Fields event last month and just had to reach out after falling in love with all their boochy flavors on tap! I don’t know why it took me so long to start drinking this stuff, it’s so good for your gut They have quite a few flavors to choose from so you’ll easily find your fav! Here are some of my favorites;

  1. Lady Grey – This one is my absolute favorite with their earl grey lavender vanilla, it’s sooo delicious! It’s called their dessert one and they even suggest adding a scoop of vanilla ice-cream to make it a special treat as a ‘Kombucha Float’! Omg so good!
  2. Bellini – My second favorite with peach orange apricot flavors, a little tart and reminds you of the cocktail! They even suggest pairing it with a little champagne to create a Boozy Bellini Kombucha! Omg yessss please!
  3. Pink Grapefruit – love this citrusy one with a refreshing bite, I usually hate grapefruit, but I think this boochy has changed my mind. They suggest trying it out as a cocktail spritz with your favorite spirit, a touch of aperol and a buncha boocha!
  4. Beauty – Mmm this one is so smooooth and light with white tea, lavender and mint! With a subtle floral flavor I think it would go great with some gin and mint leaves!

Looking to make your own? I would looooove to try it out! Lucky for us they have a Kombucha Starter Kit which includes a live SCOBY! The kit includes a 2L mason far, 500ml branded bottle, black tea, cane sugar, recipe card, care card and a follow-up program to ensure you are on the right track!

Find out more here;



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