Cookie Tourist


C is for Cookie… anyone else have a sweet tooth? Satisfy it monthly with the Cookie Tourist, bringing you new cookies from around the world every month, and not little baby packs, I’m talking full sized family packs to share with everyone… or not share, your call! What are your favourites? Mine are Dad’s Chocolate Chip Cookies which I just recently found out originated across the street from my work, there’s even a plague in front of the house! Second favorited are Rainbow Chips Ahoy, yum! In this box;

1. From Sweden we have some chocolatey Ballerina’s which are cocoa cream filled.

2. From South Korea we have some unknown named (in Korean – someone translate for me!) egg flavoured thin cookies.

3. From Israel some Sadaf hazelnut flavoured wafers, not a big fan of wafers but love hazelnut anything so they must e good!

4. From Greece we have some veeeery fancy looking Velvet Cream filled biscuits with Halva Cream. Sounds fancy! 

5. From Australia we have Tim Tams, had no clue that’s where they were from! Never tried one actually so will likely enjoy these chocolatey treats. 

6. From Indonesia we have some coffee milk biscuits, perfect when dipped in your morning coffee! 

7. From India we have some very interesting Fab cookies that are strawberry flavoured chocolate chip sandwich cookies! 

Kinda jealous I missed out on some other months, mmm I see the had Pocky, my fav Ginger Snaps from Sweden, italian lady fingers and biscottis! Don’t miss out! Only $29.95 a month to explore the cookies from around the world, with 6-8 different kinds each month! Order here;


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