BetterU Box – July Box



So excited for my second BetterU box, I’m once again very impressed with the quality and diversity of items in this box, and love them all this month! The BetterU box is a monthly subscription that provides you with the tools for health and wellness while motivating you to cleanse your mind, body and soul. You can expect 6-10 items of either full or sample sizes that are vegan, non-gmo, plant based, natural and organic! You might see some edibles, supplements, spiritual items and more! In this box;

1. 99 Ways to Fight Worry & Stress by Elsa Kok Colopy – you have no reason not to read this light reader. Based on how much stress and worry we experience daily?! This came at a good time for me as I have been a little stressed lately, some good some bad, but I’ve been working on it!

2. Pure Vida bracelet – I’ve bought one of these years ago in San Diego, I love them, they are so easy to wear and accessorize any outfit. Really like the colour of this one too. $1 of the bracelet is donated to Our Forgotten Warriors and Harvesting Happiness for Heroes.

3. Oceano3 – These krill oil gel tablets are  full of heart healthy Omega-3, EPA and DHA, anti-inflammatory benefits to reduce joint stiffness and pain, support many aspects of our health: eye, skin, brain, heart, and women’s health, and improve brain and eye function.

4. Emmy’s Cocoa – These coconut treats are so yummy! I’ve tried them before and they are quickly becoming a fav snack! Full of antioxidants and coconut!

5. Dream Water packets – 2 samples of dream water which helps you fall asleep and get the rest you deserve, it contains; GABA which helps you relax and reduce anxiety, Melatonin which helps govern the body’s internal clock that regulates your natural cycle of sleeping and waking, and 5-HTP which helps promote sleep and relaxation and improve the quality of sleep.

6. Amethyst Stones – These stones are good for daily meditation, increasing spritual awareness, inner peace and healing, and relieves stress.

7. Chakra Bookmarks – 7 little chakra stones to place under your pillow or mediate with, so cute and tiny, wish they were a little bigger to hold thou!

For as little as $27 a month with free shipping and use code BETTERU25 – for 25% off. Order here;

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