The Calories Box


Counting calories? This is the ultimate box to keep you on track! The Calories Box sends you a massive box full of snacks that are all under 160 or 100 calories! Why limit your snacks to treats that don’t taste great and satisfy your craving?! This box will let you graze away guilt free with 27 items per box! This is the best box of your on a diet but still want your daily little snack without having to count calories, just one a day for diet control. Choose from 3 options. The 160 calories box with 27 items for $32.99, the 100 calories box for $39.99 or the 160 calories box with 50 bars for $34.99 a month. In the 160 box we have;

  1. Veggie Straws
  2. Smartfood Delights – mmm drool popcorn, love White cheddar popcorn.
  3. Skinny Pop
  4. Deep River chips
  5. Lays Kettle Cooked – can’t go wrong with all these yummy flavours
  6. Terra chips
  7. Kashi bar – will share this one!
  8. NutriGrain bar – mmm used to love these! Forgot all about them!
  9. Annie’s gummies
  10. Motts gummies – these are sooo juicy and delicious! Ummm new fav gummy?
  11. KIND bar
  12. Natures Bakery Fig bar
  13. Emerald almonds
  14. Nature’s Valley bar
  15. Fibre One bar – not a fav but will share!
  16. Patience Fruit & Co. dried cranberries
  17. Stretch Island Fruit Co. fruit strips – love fruit leathers! Yum!!! Grape and apricot, such good flavours!

Prices include shipping. Order here;

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