Trendy Butler – July



Want your man to look fresh for that summer wedding? Men, are you having a hard time choosing your outfit? This ‘butler’ is your new best friend. I am loving this concept, is there a trendy butler for women???  Their style guru is kick-ass, getting you the latest trendy outfits, pants, shorts, jackets, shirts… Start by creating a little style profile, are you Casual? Stylish? Little more fancy? Let them know your shade preference, pant style preference, sizes and leave the rest to them. I checked out their past box examples and they really are great at picking an outfit, I’m hoping they read this and maaaaybe create the same for women, please? 🙏 They have a great return and exchange policy too, don’t like something? Special requests? They’re there to make you happy, great customer service. In this box;

  1. Plaid long sleeved by Tailor Vintage – this is some good quality stuff! This long sleeved dress shirt is worth $88!
  2. Evidence joggers – very excited to see another pair of designer joggers, these are so cool looking, fashionable! Worth $169, comfortable and stylish.

Get over $250 worth of clothes for only $65 a month, with free shipping and use code BOXGIRL10 for $10 off and you don’t even have to lift a finger! Oh and ladies, check out the hottie models on their Instagram page! 💁Order here;

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